A Friendship Bracelet is as Good as Gold

A Friendship Bracelet is as Good as Gold

Human beings live in a society in which they depend on other people. Human beings have an entire community of people that they can count on to help them on a daily basis. We have our friends and family to talk to on a daily basis. In addition, we have teachers and professors that we can turn to for academic advice form time to time.

Friendship Bracelet

People are social creatures. Therefore, we need people around us on a daily basis to help us with our daily needs and wants. Society counts on grocery store cashiers and workers to help them purchase food and we also depend on bakers so we can purchase delicious cakes, cookies, and pies for many special occasions such as weddings, graduations, and birthdays. On a more serious note, society depends on doctors, nurses, dentists, and other medical personnel in order to remain healthy. Human beings have a community of people to turn to in times of need and want. In childhood, human beings are completely dependant on their parents for their food, shelter, clothing, and affection. Our parents and our siblings make up our first set of relationships. When we go to school we begin to make friends with others. In fact, friends make up a large social group for human beings throughout their lives. People have many friends and people also have a few very close friends. In fact, some people have one or two best friends. Friends like to go to the movies and out to dinner together. They even like to travel together to destinations such as Hawaii or Paris. In addition, best friends often participate in activities together such as ice skating and creating gingerbread houses for charity. People also talk to their friends about their hopes, dreams, concerns, and friends. Moreover, friends often create things for each other for any and all occasions. Friends might bake cookies for each other or if they are artists they could paint a picture for each other’s birthdays. In addition, in order to illustrate their friendship to others they could create a friendship bracelet for each other in art class.


Friendship bracelets are unique are special bracelets exchanged by friends as a special token of their friendship. In fact, the friends bracelet is said to seal a friendship forever. Friendship bracelets are homemade and are normally created out of either embroidery or thread. The friendship bracelet is also usually created out of colorful threads or embroidery. The bracelet has bright colors such as purple, blue, red, yellow, green, and pink. If making a friendship bracelet for a best friend then, it is essential that their favorite colors are used in the creation of the bracelet. Did you know that because of their versatility, friendship bracelets are worn by both men and women of all ages? These types of bracelets are extremely popular with pre-teen and adolescent girls. They are also very popular with present day hippies. This is probably due to the fact that hippies practice the ideology of loving all people as friends. In addition, adolescent girls usually create friendship bracelets as an art project at slumber parties; although, teenage girls rarely sleep at slumber parties. Getting a friendship bracelet is probably more valuable than getting a gold or silver bracelet. This is because a rainbow friendship bracelet comes from the heart instead of from a jewelry store. Did you also know that athletes often wear friendship bracelets. Surfers like to wear friendship bracelets as long as they are are made out of a thicker thread or yarn. This is probably because surfers work and play in water many times a week. Since friends bracelet is so popular, let’s create a rainbow friendship bracelet for an art project.