A Probiotic with Benefits & Controversies

Bifidus Regularis: A Probiotic with Benefits & Controversies!

Bifidus Regularis is a friendly bacterium or more scientifically a Probiotic found in yogurt. Human gastrointestinal tract contains numerous naturally occurring bacterias called as “Commensals”; Bifidus regularis is similar to these commensals. According to Dietetycy.org.pl, this strain of the bacteria which was developed by a French dairy company acts as commensals & defends the body against various diseases by ensuring proper development of the immune system. These also improve the digestion & proper absorption of nutrients such as vitamins & minerals.

Where Would You Get Bifidus Regularis?

Where Would You Get Bifidus Regularis

Yogurt & similar milk products, tempeh, miso & soy beverages etc. contain many species of probiotics similar to Bifidus Regularis. Some of them present naturally, while some are added during processing of foods. Some of these probiotics are also available as supplements. The Bifidus regularis found in milk products such as yogurt are prepared by Dannon or Dannoe.

Health Benefits of Bifidus Regularis:

Danone has supported the role of Bifidus Regularis used in its DanActive & Activa range of yogurt products, in treating digestion related conditions & overall wellness. Danone has submitted results of scientific studies carried by them to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) regarding the beneficial effects of using Bifidus Regularis in food products. Danone claims that the probiotic containing the Bifidus Regularis improves slow intestinal transit time which is responsible for constipation & digestive comfort. Also it helps in strengthening the body’s immunity. The company also states that daily use of Activa yogurt in diet will provide adequate Bifidus Regularis to improve the intestinal transit time, in turn which will have beneficial effect over regulating digestive system. But to maintain this beneficial effect you must continue using yogurt in diet.


Though the evidence regarding benefits is encouraging & also being supported by subjective results from many satisfied individuals using yogurt containing Bifidus Regularis; EFSA goes on to question the scientific basis of probiotic beneficiaries as whole & specifically for Bifidus Regularis. A class action lawsuit has been filed against Dannon in US (United States) for misleading advertisements of health benefits of its range of products namely, DanActiv & Activa. Dannon disputes the accusations & supports the health benefits of its products.

Side Effects of Probiotics:

As we know the probiotics like Bifidus Regularis aids in reducing intestinal transit time; some users of Activa experienced diarrhea, cramping, vomiting & flatulence (gas). But these reports have been argued against many success stories of the users who in fact have digestive problems.

Difference in the European & US Probiotics Market:

In Northern European countries, fermented dairy products are widely accepted, hence they are the major market for probiotic yogurt & other related products. On the other hand Americans are much slower to accept the new probiotic yogurt products than Europeans. As per the sales figure, Americans tend to give preference to the supplementary forms of probiotics over the food products fortified with the probiotics.

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