All That You Need To Know About Oleoylethanolamide (OEA) Powder Is Here

OEA stands for Oleoylethanolamide powder which is a pharmaceutical drug that is also considered as the anti-obesity drug which performs better than the anti-obesity surgeries that can be harmful and fatal for the health. The surgical methods also refer to the CBI antagonists which are not suggested by experts and this is when the OEA comes to picture as a better alternative for it. As per the regulation and customs the drug is often tested on mice before using it on people. Mice injected with 10 mg per kg OEA, responded positively to it. As a part of the experiment, both OEA and rimonabant were used on mice. The results were recorded accordingly. The OEA resulted in a loss of appetite in the mice and increased food consumption time. However, the rimonabant resulted in exactly the opposite results. Hence, as the conclusion, it was proven that OEA performs better when it comes to anti-obesity drugs than the rimonabant.

The increase in diabetic condition

The increase in diabetic condition
  • Obesity is a major cause of diabetes. It can lead to serious health issues. A large part of the population is known to suffer from this disease.
  • However, only limited therapies are available to treat this condition especially the pharmaceutical remedies.
  • This situation creates the treatment of diabetes a priority for both the health ministry and the people suffering from it.
  • Safety is very important for the anti-obesity drug as a single mistake can be fatal for life. The certain drug when not properly consumed or wrongly consumed can result in side effects.
  • The major quality of an anti-obesity drug should be to reduce the food intake so that people with diabetes consume lesser food. It should also suppress and reduce the fat depots in the person’s body.
  • A large amount of these fat depots overtime increases the appetite drive thus making the person overweight. Most of the CBI receptors were tested for the same conditions and yielded positive results but had some other side effects.

Details about the OEA powder

  • It is mostly a new supplement in the market associated with the weight loss formula. It is a creamy white powder in appearance and has a chemical formula as well.
  • Since it is known to reduce weight and a loss in the appetite, it is best suited for diabetic patients.
  • It helps in regulating hunger, cholesterol, and appetite thus best for the people who are obese. It is bonded to a receptor named as PPAR alpha. It also increases the metabolism that tells the brain that you are full now and you should stop eating.
  • Before the product was launched in the market it was tested on mice first to ensure its maximum effectiveness on humans. A kind of signal is initiated in the brain that tells the body to stop eating and thus regulating hunger.
  • The chemical structure of OEA is similar to anandamide, which is a cannabinoid. OEA is monosaturated specially made to show its effect on weight and its management. It is a natural source of oleic acid which is found in nuts, poultry, and meat.
  • The dietary source of this includes almond oil, avocados, olive oil, and more such oils. It best suited for adults with cholesterol issues. It will see to it that you consume food in limits.
Details about the OEA powder

So if you are diabetic due to obesity then you can give this supplement a try. Buy this and read the reviews as an additional before buying. So start consuming it today and be consistent with it to avail of the results soon.