Common Types of Battery – How to select the Best One

Common Types of Battery – How to select the Best One?

A battery is a combination of one or more cells, which undergo a chemical reaction that helps in generating a flow of electrons inside the circuit. As you already know that the battery industry is going through a change. Every new day, you can find that certain batteries are getting smaller, but they provide greater power. This is because of the use of different types of materials in the battery to increase the output. By storing the energy inside a battery will in using it at a later time. Only the DC (direct current) can be stored in the batteries, not the AC (alternating current).

What are the common types of battery

What are the common types of battery?

There are mainly three common types of battery which are used in various electronic products.

• Lead Acid – It is one of the most common types of batteries and mostly used in the automobile sector. It can also be used to store the solar energy as they have high current, but prove less expensive. Each cell in the battery has lead electrodes in the Sulfuric acid solution. The lead electrode is coated with the lead oxide.

• Lithium-Ion – These batteries are mostly used in computers and electronics. Recently, the work to improve the utilization of these batteries for other applications is ongoing. This is because of the greater power density of these batteries as they can store 150 watt-hours per kg.

• Nickel Metal Hydride – These batteries are thermally stable as compared to the lithium-ion batteries. Some of these batteries are used for hybrid vehicles.

Qualities to check in a battery

If you are planning to buy a new battery then you need to check out certain features in it. You can visit and get more details about the batteries.

• Energy and power density –

The energy density is the amount of energy that can be stored in the battery as per its volume. It decides how long the device will work, after which you have to recharge the device. The power density is the rate of energy discharge.

The life cycle of the battery –

Check out the life cycle of the battery before buying, as no one wants to buy a new battery only after using it for a short time. That is why you need to check the life cycle of the battery for durability.

• Cost of the batteries –

If you are planning to buy a new battery, then its cost will be an essential factor for you to consider. The battery which uses high-quality materials and products will be costly and last longer. That is why you have to decide your budget for buying the battery. It will help you to look for the best battery and ensure that everything is done properly.

When you visit you can find in-depth details about the batteries. It is essential that you consider such things when you are buying a new battery for your vehicle or smartphone, as they should last for a long period of time.