Crest Pro-Health MouthwashRinse

Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash/Rinse

When I was growing up, my grandparents babysat me and my siblings on the weekend while my mom worked. Every Sunday before church, I would watch my grandpa go through his routine of brushing his hair and his teeth. Then he would use his mouthwash. I remember that I would always want to be cool like grandpa and use his mouthwash. Of course, he would allow me to use it but would always remind me that I hated it. It did not matter that I hated the taste and that it burnt my mouth, I still had to have it each week.

Now over twenty years later I cringe every time I see a bottle of mouthwash. Every time I try it I am transported back to my grandparents bathroom and my childhood. I have tried various flavors in various brands but I can’t seem to get over the burning sensation in my mouth. I felt this way until I heard about Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash/Rinse. The appeal of this was that it is alcohol free which means no burn!

Pro-Health Mouthwash

On a recent tip to Wal-Mart I decided to pick up a bottle and try it for myself, check here. My first impression was that the bottle had a clean design. While I knew I wanted to try the product I was a bit put off by the price. The larger bottle retailed for over $6 but since I had already decided to purchase the mouthwash the price did not deter me. I will have to admit that when I purchase this again I would prefer to have a coupon.

Prepared to hate the Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash I found myself pleasantly surprised by the taste and the lack of burning sensation in my mouth. Gone were the unpleasant memories of my childhood now replaced by only a clean feeling. I immediately decided this would now be my mouthwash of choice. With two flavor options: refreshing clean mint and wintergreen everyone’s taste buds can enjoy this mouthwash.

According to the label Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash/Rinse fights plaque, prevents gingivitis, and bad breath for up to 12 hours. This product can be found in the toothpaste aisle of your local pharmacy. If you are tired of your mouth burning when you use mouthwash Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash can provide a refreshing alcohol free alternative. My next job is to convince my grandpa to trade in his trusted mouth burning mouthwash for this amazing product. Wish me luck!