Daylight Sunlight Assessment

What Is Daylight Sunlight Assessment And When It Is Required?

Daylight Sunlight Assessment is required when the construction of new buildings is underway. It is an assessment of sunlight that the neighbouring buildings or houses will receive after the proposed building construction. It is an integral part of planning that authorities may require developers of the building to submit to assess the impact of light that neighbouring buildings and land will receive. The test that is done for daylight and sunlight assessment is separate from the right to light but in some cases result of this assessment can also mean good results for right to light.

When it is required

When it is required?

If any new building is under construction or is proposed than it is required for checking whether the construction will positively or negatively impact the amount of sunlight on buildings or places that are nearby. If the proposed building construction does not affect the amount of sunlight that buildings that are nearby receiving then there is no problem. But if the nearby buildings are not receiving ample amount of sunlight then Daylight Sunlight Assessment is necessary.

There is some information that should be included while submitting the assessment. The information that must be included are given below:

• The existing amount of sunlight and daylight that the nearby buildings are receiving and if they are at expected levels or not. And the overshadowing of the new building on the nearby buildings.

• The measure that the developer of the building is going to take to keep the sunlight and daylight in the expected and prescribed level for the nearby buildings.

How to submit it?

If you are planning to submit the assessment of daylight and sunlight then you must do that through the online planning portal. You need to log on to their website and register yourself in there. After registering yourself you will need to complete and submit some of the application forms that are necessary to proceed further. After that you will also find a link to upload your Daylight Sunlight Assessment. You can click that link and upload all the documents that are asked there. Before uploading it is recommended that you go through all the guidelines that are written there to make your session error free.

If you don’t want to use an online portal for submitting this assessment test then you can also do that through conventional paper-based method. For that you need to prepare four copies of your assessment test along with four copies of the application form that is relevant to it.

Who can help you in doing this assessment

Who can help you in doing this assessment?

If you are not sure how this assessment is done then you can also take the help of companies that especially do these kinds of tests. They will prepare a detailed assessment report of it which you can use to submit. As they are professionals so there won’t be any errors in their assessments.

So, if you are planning to construct a new building then make sure all the Daylight Sunlight Assessment is done correctly to avoid any kind of future problems.