Full Body Mirror Jewelry Box

A full mirror jewelry cabinet lets you admire your adornments from head to toe. It also gives you ample space to store your jewelry and other beauty items.

Aside from size, frame material is an important factor to consider when choosing a mirror jewelry armoire. Metal frames create a sculpted look, while glass frames come in interesting patterns.


Full length mirrors offer a head-to-toe view of your outfit and help you get a better look at how everything fits together. You’ll also save time not having to hunt down your favorite earrings or necklaces as they’re all conveniently located in one place.

Depending on the model you choose, the jewelry armoire may feature different types of storage including earring slots, ring slots, necklace hooks, bracelet bars and more. Some come with a lock to keep your treasures safe and secure.

You can even find mirrored options that mount over your door so you won’t waste floor space. These are particularly popular for renters as they don’t require screw holes in the wall. They are also easy to pack up when you move. Just be sure you mount it securely into a stud to avoid the risk of the mirror falling down and shattering.


Full-length mirrors are a major asset for jewelry storage. When you open the mirrored door to your jewelry armoire, everything is presented at once for an effortless selection process. This makes getting ready for work or a fun night out a breeze!

Many jewelry armoires have a variety of compartments, hooks, bins, trays and notches for different types of jewelry. They are the best solution for large and/or over-sized pieces of jewelry that won’t fit into regular jewelry boxes.

Some of these compartments are categorized by style (like casual, elegant and heirloom pieces), material (like gold and silver), or, if you prefer to wear matching sets, by set. These options allow you to prioritize your favorite types of jewelry and make finding them easy when it’s time to get dressed. They also help keep your necklaces and earrings from becoming tangled. Some even come with a built-in LED light for shadow-free viewing. This helps you see small details like tiny clasps and backings for stud earrings.


A full length mirror with jewelry storage is a great way to keep your jewelry organized and secure. These pieces come with plenty of storage space including earring slots, ring holes and necklace hooks. They also have a lock to help ensure the safety of your belongings. Additionally, these cabinets are perfect for individuals who don’t have the wall space to hang a traditional armoire or those that live in smaller spaces.

There are many different styles of mirror jewelry armoires available on the market. You can find ones made from wood, metal, or glass to suit your needs and match your home’s decor. Some models even come with lighted interiors and lockable doors for added security. You can find the best one for your needs by considering size, price, features, and functionality. Make sure to read reviews to find the best jewelry armoire for your needs. A good quality product will provide you with a lifetime of use.


Keep all of your favorite jewelry and accessories within easy reach with this free standing mirror. This elegant piece of furniture features a full-length lighted mirror to give you a complete head-to-toe view while dressing and features plenty of storage space with a total of 120 earring holes, 36 ring slots, 24 necklace hooks, 1 bracelet bar, 5 shelves, and 2 drawers.

This eye-catching mirror jewelry box has a lovely frame made of high-quality metal to add a sleek and modern look to your bedroom or living room. It has a brushed silver finish and is available in other colors to match the decor of your home.


Other options include a traditional wooden frame, contemporary metal and glass, or shabby chic with a distressed look to suit your style. The price range of these items varies greatly depending on size, type, and quality of frame. You can find affordable models for a few hundred dollars or spend several thousand on one with top-of-the-line materials.