Henckels Santoku Knife: Product Review

Henckels Santoku Knife: Product Review

For years Henckels has made some of the highest quality cutlery in the world today. The Four Star Santoku knife continues that tradition as one of worlds best Santoku knifes on the market today. What would we expect from a company that is over 200 year old? The Henckels twin logo is a sign of quality craftsmanship and a great piece of cutlery. The Henckels sankoku knife provides the quality we expect from a high carbon German steel knife and the amazing versatility of the Santoku knife.

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One of the first things you will notice when you pick up this knife is the amazing balance of the knife. It does not feel either blade heavy or handle heavy. The balance gives you confidence that you can use this knife all day long without straining. The actual blade of the knife is forged using the J.A. Henckels precision laser manufacturing process. This process makes sure the blade is balanced well and helps to make sure the blade will retain a sharp edge for years. Like all of the Henckels knifes the handle will never separate from the blade, become loose or have gaps between the blade and the handle because of a patented bonding process that Henckels uses during the finishing process.

One of the advantages of the Santoku knife is the actual blade is flat. The classic flat blade of this Santoku knife allows the chef to chop and slice food with ease. The Four Star Henckels Santoku knife features a hollowed out edge which reduces friction on the blade while cutting sticky foods like potatoes and garlic. The hollowed out blade (granton edge) is not any more difficult to maintain than any other knife. A mild detergent and gentle hand washing will preserve this blade for many generations of chefs in your family.

The ergonomic design of the Henckels Santoku knife offers a comfortable grip, and an aesthetically pleasing classic look. Like all great knifes they require some maintenance. They should be professionally sharpened once a year. I do not recommend using a home knife sharpener as they can be harmful to the knife. The key to keeping the Henckels Santoku knife sharp is using a kitchen steel everytime you use the knife. Using a wooden cutting board will also make sure the knife does not get burrs when cutting.

Santoku knife

What makes this knife different from any other Santoku knife? For one the name Henckels indicates quality and craftsmanship. J.A. Henckels has a lifetime warranty on all their knifes against defects. Another reason to buy the Henckels Santoku knife is that it is used by more chefs in the world than any other brand, learn more. If it is good enough for the professionals it is certainly a good choice for all of the aspiring chefs in the world. Finally, the Henckels Santoku is manufactured using a triple riveted process that gives the aspiring chef confidence that this knife will last forever. The Henckels Santoku can be purchased for about $149 in most retail outlets. The cost is actually pretty cheap considering this knife will replace many items in your kitchen.