How Do I Set My Fitness Tracker Watch

How Do I Set My Fitness Tracker Watch?

I am just too easily distracted by shiny things. Increase your daily productivity with this super neat fitness tracker watch. Anyhow, I finally found the perfect way to map out my day. The fitness tracker is a key to upping my productivity. You can also Block Scheduling, if you have not tried it, I recommend it. It truly has completely changed my life for the better! A bit dramatic maybe, but it has. You can read all about it here. How Block Scheduling Completely Changed my Life.

About a year ago, I decided to change my schedule up. I shortened work sessions and added a few areas to each of my days. I spent a full afternoon perfecting this new schedule in the hopes I would increase my productivity and I was excited to try it out the next day. I began my day with the new plan and I did start pretty focused, but before I knew it I was completely off track and the day was a total flop. So, here was the problem. I had new times on my schedule, but I got so involved in the work at hand that I forgot to change over at those times.

Fitness Tracker Watch

Simply put, I needed a reminder to remind me if I have any work. A little tap on the shoulder telling me to move on to the next thing. Yes, I could use my phone, but I don’t always have it on me. I needed something else but what? You can also Play Video in your fitness tracker, One day I was checking my stats on my fitness tracker and I noticed a tab on my dashboard. You can also set an alarm in your fitness watch. Tired of spinning your wheels? Find out how to up your productivity with your fit bit! I am sure all of you owners out there have them too!

That is just the coolest thing ever, and there is no limit to how many alarms you can set! Oh, and you can repeat them! I get excited over things like this, in case you haven’t noticed. If the alarm is silent, so it only vibrates! So, I popped myself on over to my dashboard and set an alarm for each section of my schedule so I would be reminded of when to stop and switch over. I have to tell you it works like a dream after using this fitness tracker watch I am back on top and I am being productive without spinning my wheels. Use your fitness tracker watch to increase your productivity. I feel like I have found the secret to life on this little band on my wrist.

Ideas for Your Fitness Tracker Watch Alarm

Ideas for Your Fitness Tracker Watch Alarm

You can also change your Schedule time or naming the schedule. I can get so involved in a project that I will work on it for hours. Knowing I can give 100% of my attention to the job at hand because my Fitness tracker watch will tell me when to stop is a game-changer. No more distractions increase productivity! Normally this is for our kids, but moms need them too! Our days can be busy up the end. Having a little nudged to tell us to end the day can help our health. Sleep is key to keeping our sanity kids; make sure you get enough of it. As you can see the sky is the limit for setting Fitness tracker watch reminders. So, if you own a fitness tracker watch get yourself on over to your dashboard and prepare to change your days! If you do not own a Fitness tracker watch, you need to get yourself one! This is a wonderful option to know more click here