How Many Horse Breeds Are There In The World

How Many Horse Breeds Are There In The World

The food and agriculture organization of the united nations (FAOSTAT) report there are fifty-eight millions of horse breeds are there in the world in some of ten countries have more than million horse population and include these horse overall fifty-eight million of the horse population in the world there are more than three hundred breeds categories are there and five breeds are most population breeds categories in the world.

Let Us Know About The Major Categories Of Horse Breeds

Let Us Know About The Major Categories Of Horse Breeds

The most population of horse breeds has under these categories only such as:

  1. American quarter horse
  2. Arabian horse
  3. Thoroughbred
  4. Warmblood
  5. Morgan
  6. Appaloosa
  7. Pony
  8. Tennessee walker
  9. Paint
  10. Andalusian

American Quarter Horse

This American quarter horse breed is the most popular horse in the U.S and it looks so beautiful. Each horse breeds some unique quality for that reason it has a more popular breed. If you want to ride so far means this American quarter horse is the best one and you will enjoy a lot with this breed and this American quarter horse breed is the largest in the world. And also if you want to know more about horse breeds refer the link

Arabian horse:

This Arabian breed is one of the very oldest horse breeds in the world and also the most popular breed around the world. These Arabian horses have large eyes it look so beautiful and it has distinctive look and the Arabian breed has wedge-shaped heads and is has small muzzles so that you can park easily.


This thoroughbred is most popular for the racing it has a racing capability they can jump and use for hunting regularly. When this breed performs it always gives maximum exertion for that it can face many accidents and millions of thoroughbred exist in the world.

Warm Blood:

These warmblood breed has included some quarter horse breeds and it includes several lightweight breeds and the light breeds are such as Hanoverians, Trakehner, Cleveland bays, Canadians and some more breeds this proves as sport horse because it has large bonding.

Morgan breeds:

The Morgan breeds are small but it’s very famous for the riding and driving horse because it has some versatility and these Morgan also best for the strength, elegance and this Morgan one of the oldest breeds in the world and beginning days it’s popular in America and now it’s popular in England.


This appaloosa breeds are very colorfully and it looks so beautiful and this appaloosa bread has a native of American northwest and it’s used for pleasure and appaloosa is a part of thoroughbred and quarter horse and an Arabian horse.


Pony breeds are very popular for the cute breed and its very shorter breed and this pony is used for learning the horse ride it has less intimidating compare with other horses and it has a thicker neck and shortest heads and also it has short legs.

Tennessee Walker:

This Tennessee walker is a very smother breed for a ride if you have knee pain or back pain means this bread is a good choice because of their smoothness and this breeds running very smoothly so it makes you more comfortable and it suits for long-distance riding.


This horse has a color breed but it is a true breed and very strict with bloodline requirement and these horses are trained by western discipline for a ride.



Andalusian breeds find the 15th century for the first time and know this is a horse and this breed used as a warhorse and it has long and thick tails and this body is very strong and elegant and Andalusian breeds are now used for riding.