How Popular Is the Premier League in India

How Popular Is the Premier League in India?

Besides the English Premier League, other European football competitions have become hugely popular in the country. There are official Premier League clubs in almost every metro, affiliated to their mother clubs in the UK. Memberships of these clubs are upwards of 500 in many cities. Read on to discover the most popular clubs and their supporters in India. And, don’t forget to check out our new video on “Manchester City Supporters Clubs in India”!

Manchester United

Manchester United

Manchester United is popular in India, with over 35 million followers – slightly less than 25 percent of Chelsea’s total support. The team has long been known for its flamboyant players, as well as its success, and their fan base has grown considerably over the years. Manchester United is one of the most popular football teams in the world, and many have wondered how they can sustain such a large following in India.


As a football fan, you have probably wondered if the English Premier League is popular in India. The answer is YES! The Premier League is very popular in India, and most Indians are watching it on television on weekends. While most of us know very little about English football, the majority of Indians speak English fluently, which makes it easier to identify with English clubs. Many young fans of Man Utd and David Beckham idolize British players.

Manchester City Supporters Club

There’s no doubt that the Manchester City Supporters Club is hugely popular in India, but how did they get here? In a recent interview with Goal, TECNO and the Manchester City Supporters Club of Kerala, we found out. These fans are passionate about the team and have been actively involved in various club events, including the official trophy tour of Etihad Stadium. In India, the fan club has grown to be one of the most active in the country, and its members are eager to show their support for the club, check out the post right here.

Mumbai club

The first season of the Indian Premier League saw Mumbai Indians struggle a little, but a late surge in form helped them finish third with 20 points from fourteen games. The club lost three of its first four matches, but won the last three to make it to the Eliminator. The Mumbai team lost their opening two games, but won their final against Chennai Super Kings with ease. Their success was credited to the performance of their youth, and they were managed by Peter Reid and Jorge Costa.

Kolkata Knight Riders

Indians follow a particular team in the Premier League with a high level of devotion. The league is watched by 155 million people each season, making it the most popular international football league in the country. The top teams are followed by throngs of fans in major Indian cities, as well as in tier II and III cities. However, the Indian Super League will soon be launched, and the Premier League will be able to tap into this audience.

Chennai Super Kings

The Chennai Super Kings have been enjoying the success of the last few seasons, but will this continue into the new edition? After all, the team is made up of players with international experience. The batting lineup for the Chennai Super Kings has been led by the experienced Ruturaj Gaekwad, who managed to amass close to 650 runs in the last edition. With that form, Chennai will be hoping for good starts from Gaekwad. If he can keep his momentum in the Indian Premier League, it will be interesting to see what he can do.

Rajasthan Royals

Among other celebrities who have invested in the Rajasthan Royals are Phoenix Suns guard Chris Paul, NBA star Kelvin Beachum, and British industrialist Larry Fitzgerald. With the IPL becoming increasingly popular in the world, the Rajasthan Royals have attracted investment from Bollywood actors and industrialists. This season, the tournament will be a 10-team affair with the addition of Gujarat and Ahmedabad. The three Americans will be minority shareholders in the 2008 champions.

Mumbai Indians

The Premier League is widely watched in India with 90 million Indians aged sixteen to 69 supporting a team. Currently, India ranks third in Facebook’s number of fans.


The Indian football fan base is growing at a rapid pace, with the 2013/14 season seeing 45 million viewers. It seems the Indian audience is finding it easier to connect with English teams, thanks to a strong Hindi commentary. While a growing number of Indians are watching the Premier League on television, the popularity of English football is still relatively low.