How to add Foreign Numbers to Whatsapp

How to add Foreign Numbers to Whatsapp?

You can contact anyone in all parts of the world through WhatsApp. It provides you the same features for the foreign contacts as local contacts.

Maybe you have noticed that a person from another country is in your contact and has a WhatsApp account but not shown in your WhatsApp contacts.

You have checked the number many times, there is no mistake in the number, but its WhatsApp contact is not available. Whatsapp import all the contacts from your mobile phone that have a WhatsApp account.

What can be a problem with international contact? No worry, it is a minor issue in saving the number of your foreign friend and will resolve in just a couple of seconds.

We have a straightforward solution for you in our article about how to add foreign numbers to WhatsApp.

How should you add foreign contact in Whatsapp?

How should you add foreign contact in Whatsapp

We will provide you a detailed guideline for adding a contact in your WhatsApp below. You just follow these steps and add your foreign contact number within a couple of seconds.

There are two methods for adding an international number to your contacts. The first one is through mobile contacts, while the other is directly in the WhatsApp contact list.

Add a foreign number in mobile phone contacts.

• Go to the Contacts menu.
• Tap on add contact.
• Now enter the name of the contact person.
• It’s time to add a number; please add the number carefully by adding + country code. For example, a person is from the USA, and you want to add his number. Put +1 and then number the mobile number of the person.
• Now go to the WhatsApp app.
• Open the app, and you will see the contacts menu on the upper right corner.
• Refresh your WhatsApp contact list.
• The foreign number will show in your contact list.

Add foreign number in Whatsapp Contacts:

Add foreign number in Whatsapp Contacts

The second method of adding the foreign number in your contacts for WhatsApp conversation is through WhatsApp.

• Open your WhatsApp on your device.
• When you open the app, you will see a symbol on the upper right corner; when you tap this symbol, a contact menu will open. You will see a menu to add new contacts; tap on that button.
• When you tap that button, It will demand the details of your WhatsApp contact.
• Enter the name of WhatsApp contact and then add your contact person’s number but be careful here add + and country code before the number. For example, for a person from Germany, you should add +44 before the contact number and then add a number.
• Check the contact list of your WhatsApp contact; a foreign number will show in your contacts. Visit here:

Final thoughts:

Whatsapp allows you to connect with your foreign friends. But some people face the problem that foreign contact is saved in their device but not showing in the WhatsApp contact list.
There is a problem with adding numbers; we have provided you simple methods to add a foreign number. We hope our article about how to add a foreign number to WhatsApp was helpful for you.