how to build a fast electric go-kart

What are the Easy Steps to Build an Electric Go-kart?

If you are passionate about cars and designing it, then you should try electric go-kart construction. It is a better option than normal cars because you would need lesser tools and time for it. Whether you want to build an e-go kart for yourself or your son, make sure that you don’t make any mistake while doing it. Not only you will have fun in this process but you will also get a lot of knowledge from it. Here are the easy steps to build your electric go-kart:

Plan out the project

If you can take out 300 to 360 hours for this project, then you should do the planning. It can take you around two months if you will give five to six hours every day. Investment for electric go-kart shouldn’t be ignored because you will need a lot of things. If you don’t want frustration after starting this project, you should plan out the placement of tools. You will spend your time and money both on this project and that’s why it deserves good planning.

Get the frame

Get the frame

First of all, you will need to get a frame for the electric kart. Make sure that you clean it properly to remove dirt and corrosion. The gasoline racing carts are cheaper and you can get them at low rates. Converting them into electric go-karts is super easy. You just have to remove all the gasoline components of it. If you want to save money, then you can select lead-acid batteries and a brushed system will be better.

Electric system and components

The electrical system of the go-kart includes batteries, motor, and speed controller. If won’t be difficult for you to learn how to build a fast electric go-kart when you will have the appropriate components for it. You will also need diodes, fuses, resistors, and a battery pack of at least 48 volts. You will also require throttle box, reverse and main contactor, fuse, gauge wires, shrink wrap, battery mounts, and wiring for the terminals. You can easily get these components at your nearby store.

Collect all necessary tools

Make sure that you have got all the necessary tools to build an e-cart and that should include corded drill, MIG welder, cutter, sockets, nuts, wire terminals, plywood, cables, wires, brackets and many more. It is best if you can consult an expert or mechanic who can suggest the best tools to build an electric kart.

Start the construction

Start the construction

If you want to learn how to build a fast electric go-kart, then you should get all the necessary materials first. It will allow you to build the electric go-kart in the best manner. You need to connect all the wires and throttle at the right place. After connecting fuses, controller, and motor, you can connect the remaining parts. Never connect the batteries in loop otherwise it can make an explosion. Other than this, it will be best if you can get the supervision of an experienced person in this field.