How To Keep Score When Playing Golf

How To Keep Score When Playing Golf

Golf is a game that requires players to get the ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible. The player with the lowest number of strokes wins! This article will discuss how to keep track of your score when playing golf.

The Basic Formula For Calculating Your Total Score:

The Basic Formula For Calculating Your Total Score

It is important that you know what each part of your score means and how it relates to other parts on your card, because understanding these formulae can help you better learn the game of golf. A golfer’s goal should get his or her total below par by hitting fewer strokes than is needed on average from tee-to-green in order to have a good round. Here are the calculations for how to keep score when playing golf:

  1. Add together each of your strokes on all of your holes.
  2. Subtract any strokes-bargains or where you hit a lucky shot from the total.
  3. If you made a par, the number of strokes is halved.
  4. Subtract any putts from your total to get your final number.

For example: If you hit 14 strokes and made a par on hole # 2, your score for that hole would be 7. If you hit 3 strokes on hole # 10 and made pars, your score for that hole would be 5.

How To Figure Out Your Putting Average and Other Stats?

How To Figure Out Your Putting Average and Other Stats

3 + (2/2) – 3 = 7.

The number in parentheses before the slash is for a round, but since we are only dealing with one hole, it is not important.

The strokes column represents the number of strokes taken to hit the ball from the tee-to-green. The total score column is the number of strokes taken besides any putts made on the hole, and the last column is where you total up each of those scores. If the number in this column adds up to less than or equal to par, then you made a pars (or better). If it is more than par, then the final number is your score for that hole.

The same goes for the total. If you add up all the scores and it equals less than par, then your round number is the same as your hole number. If it exceeds par, then your round number is more than your hole number.

What Happens When You’re Tied for the Lowest Number of Strokes Played?

The players with the lowest number of strokes at the end of the round win. This is golf Ryder Cup live stream! If you follow this scoring system, it will make playing golf a lot easier.

Scoring Tip 1: Take advantage of all pars to decrease your score, since each one halves your strokes taken. For example, if you hit 6 strokes on hole # 7, subtracting one stroke from that total would make it 5 strokes. That means you hit a pars and half of your strokes on that hole! That is great because it will help you get below par by using all the pars available to you. The same would apply for any other pars that may be available on the course.

Scoring Tip 2: Don’t forget to take advantage of holes where you may get lucky. If you hit a shot that could be very difficult or even impossible and make a pars or better on that hole, you can subtract the number of strokes that it typically would take for this type of shot from your score.

Common Terms Used in Golf

Common Terms Used in Golf

There are several terms used in golf. The tee box is at the beginning of the hole and is made for players to take a stance before they play their shot. Green is where the golfer wants to land the ball in order to reach the hole without having to go over any obstacles, such as trees or sand traps. The white line on the green is called the putting line. When the ball lands beyond this, it is not counted as a putt, but goes into the fringe. The nearest point of relief is called the putting green, and it’s an area with short grass where players can take a stance for putting. The smartest way to use this area is to never putt when it’s too hard or in a place where the player can’t see the hole. A sand trap is an area filled with sand, and the player has to choose between taking a penalty for hitting out of bounds or trying to play the ball after hitting it from an unstable point. The green is a place where players may putt their balls. The flagstick is the stick, or marker on the green that indicates where the hole for each player is located.


It’s important to keep score while playing golf, especially when entering a competition. The player with the lowest number of strokes wins! Keeping score is easy if you follow this basic formula: Score + Ties (if any) Putts = Total Score.