How to Lose Weight by Spring Break

How to Lose Weight by Spring Break

Did those extra pounds from Christmas festivities linger on long after the holidays were over? Are you in a hurry to fit into that cute bikini for spring break? Yes, you can lose the weight in time for your dream vacation.

Spring break weight loss tip #1: Give yourself a pep talk.

Spring break weight loss tip

Spring break is right around the corner, so you need to be prepared to give this weight loss plan your all. Tip #1 is all about getting yourself motivated to accomplish this, learn more. Spring break only comes once a year. Why mess up what could possibly turn out to be the best time of your life?

Start this diet right by allowing only positive thoughts to crowd your mind. Tell yourself positive things like “I am more than capable of losing this weight!” and “By spring break, I will look beyond gorgeous in my tiny bikini.” These positive reinforcements will help you get in the right frame of mind to accomplish your weight loss goal.

Spring break weight loss tip #2: Tell your junk food taste buds that the gig is up.

Now that you’ve found your motivation, it’s time to focus your mind on eating healthy. Convince yourself that the celery stick you’re eating is ten times better than some greasy French fry. As your friends are downing beer by the gallons, remind yourself that beer is laden with calories your body doesn’t need. Save the beer guzzling for your spring break parties.

Do not give in to your cravings for junk food. Ask yourself before putting that garbage into your mouth, “Is this food more important than looking great for spring break? Keep a supply of healthy foods available so temptation won’t get the best of you. Make sure the healthy foods you stock are easy to prepare (or, better yet, preprepared for you) and taste good if you want to realistically fight off those junk food temptations.

Spring break weight loss tip #3: It’s time for your lazy bones to take a hike.

Now that you’ve found your motivation, it’s time to gear your body to exercise hard. Pump your head with thoughts like “Exercise feels great!” and “Sweating now is worth doing for a shapely body in time for spring break!”

Don’t sweat it if these statements aren’t necessarily 100% true yet. As you make exercising a habit, it will get easier. In the beginning, focus on making a realistic exercise schedule and sticking with it. If your motivation to exercise is really lacking, consider having a friend (who likes exercising) join you on your workouts. Or sign-up for an aerobics class and make those appointments as important as a doctor’s visit.

Whether you’re traveling to Cancun, Daytona Beach, Lake Havasu, or wherever the party may be this year, you can look smoking hot. Get in the right frame of mind now to look better in time for spring break. Follow the weight loss tips provided above so that all eyes will be on you and your sexy body as you grace the beaches, clubs, and hotel parties.