How to make a flashlight brighter

How To Make A Flashlight Brighter

There are many ways through which you can make your flashlight brighter. Let’s understand a way through which you can turn a simple, normal brightness flashlight into a most bright flashlight. Through this method you can make it completely brighter and you can turn night into day. You can also impress your friends using this when you are on a camping trip.

Make it brighter

Make it brighter

Majority of the people make use of their flashlights for walking at night, camping, and just to find something in the dark. There are many cheap valued flashlights available and most of the people pick them just like that. The reason is they think flashlight is just another portable source of light and there is nothing more to think about it.

But, majority of the cheap quality and less costs flashlights are of no use. You cannot use them in your trips and camps. After sometime they just go useless and you will be in search of new, brighter flashlights. Visit website to know more about the product.

But there are ways through which you can end up in making a bright flashlight with just few supplies. The method showed here needs some items that are easily available and you will definitely end up in crazy flashlight. This can be the best thing that you can build and it is the best item that can be used for lighting up your nights.

  • To make a bright flashlight, we need few parts. But there is no need to use exactly the same parts listed out here. If some of them are not available with you then you can go for similar ones or alternatives.
  • Boost converter
  • You should have a XT60 connectors
  • A LiPo Battery alarm
  • One of the essential parts that is Switches
  • Ammeter or volt is also necessary
  • A Heat sink
  • A 100w LED
  • Reflector and lens are also needed
  • Along with this, you should also buy CDNs with higher capacities and of course Battery charger and battery charger cable extension

Along with all these you should also consider some other parts like terminal blocks, wire, fuse holder, fuses, solder, and even heat shrink.

Of course you will end up spending some money for this but you can expect more from the resulted flashlight. Rather spending on an expensive ready flashlight that fails to reach you fancy expectations, you can make one on your own. You can make it as bright as you want and change the brightness anytime.

There are many expensive flashlights are available in the market. Today flashlight is not just another source of light. It comes with a lot of features and it can be used for many things. Some of the flash lights even come with whistles and other with highly complicated brightness variations.

simple flashlight is enough for regular use

Even though a simple flashlight is enough for regular use, when it comes to night walk and camping you may have your own needs that you expect from a flashlight to render. But the expensive flashlight available comes with unnecessary features that are actually not useful. So you can make a flashlight that is as bright as an expensive flashlight but with simple features.