How to Register The Car

How to Register The Car?

Do you want to purchase a car? It’s a dream for most people to get the desired car. If you wish to purchase a car you have to go through a certain process for the chasing or registration. In order to buy a new car, you have to meet with the car dealer for the registration process for a certain price. You have an option to find a professional agent who can do the registration work for you.

The process saves a lot of time but this option consumes some extra amount for the registration process. If you think the registration process is not worth then you can do it yourself. Here is a guide or detailed information to register the car.

Documents need to submit

Documents need to submit

For the registration of a car, you have to submit all these mentioned documents. You can consult with the dealer about the registration process if you don’t know. Also, you can submit the documents to get the successfully register for the desired car, check here.

 First of all, you have to get the form 20 application for the registration of the car.
 On the other hand, you need to submit the identification proof that would be Aadhar card, pan card, voter ID, passport or driving license.
 Besides, you have to give the proof of Residence that includes ration card, voter ID, and account statement from National Bank off, utility bill or many more.
 There is a need to get at least 3 copies of passport size photograph.
 You need to get the sales tax certificate that is required when a vehicle is bought in one state or registered in another.
 You have to take the no-objection certificate from the dealer if the vehicle is purchased in one state or registered in another.

All these documents are required for the registration of the vehicle how it is different from City to city. You can check the process online on buying websites or consult with brokers and dealers.

Fees to pay for registration

Fees to pay for registration

There is a certain amount that you have to pay for the successful registration of the car. The charges are mentioned on the slip or you should consult from the car dealers.

What is the registration amount of the car? The registration fee of the car is depending on the accurate value of the vehicle. The RTO charge 4% of the fee for the registration of the vehicle. The percentage will be higher that is depending on the price of the car or it is based on state.

Besides, to know about the charges of the car, you can consult from the car dealers. The prices are different because of different car amount or it is varied from one City to another.

Process of registration

For the registration of a car, you have to visit the RTO with all the documents. The process can take the time of 2 to 3 days or you can collect the registration documents during the time. Make sure all those documents are perfect or under the guidelines for the registration.