How to Set Sig Sauer Romeo 5

How to Set Sig Sauer Romeo 5

Sig Sauer Romeo 5 is probably the best choice you can make considering the features it packs. But the features alone cannot help you to make the best use of it. You have to know how to adjust the sight according to your preferences. There are options for how you can change this.

The adjustments are always necessary, considering every person varies. The way you aim at something can be completely different from someone else. Or the adjustment you have set might be downright uncomfortable for someone.

So, every user needs to know precisely how you can adjust this. Before talking about adjustments, let’s get to know precisely what you can adapt in a red dot sight.

Adjusting Windage

Adjusting Windage

When you’re taking a shot at something, there might be wind blowing from some direction horizontally. This kind of wind can create friction with the bullet and cause a loss of accuracy. Though you’re aiming correctly if you don’t factor in the wind speed and direction, there’s no way you can hope to hit the target accurately.

So, in advanced gun sights, according to the horizontal direction of the wind and speed, you get to adjust the deviation of the bullets. If you don’t want the shot to deviate from the original target, you have to know exactly how much adjustment you have to make to negate the horizontally blowing wind. This is called adjusting windage.

Adjusting Elevation

If there’s some downforce of wind, this means if the wind is blowing vertically, it’s needless to say that you need to adjust the elevation of the sight. Why?

Because the downforce will push the bullet to hit lower than the expected target, not knowing how to adjust the elevation is a big problem. Because people start blaming the sight for not hitting the target correctly. But the truth is that if there’s a downforce of wind, it’s not the sights fault.

To make sure people can hit their expected targets taking into account the downforce of wind, you can adjust the elevation of the sight.

How to set Sig Sauer Romeo 5?

How to set Sig Sauer Romeo 5

The Sig Sauer Romeo 5 has several variants that you can choose from. But all of them have the same adjustment system and unit. Before knowing what it packs, visit the link to check out all the variants-

Now, the windage adjustment is on the rear right part of the sight, and the elevation adjustment is on the back topside. You can turn both of the adjusters clockwise and counter-clockwise.

If you want to lower the elevation point you have to turn clockwise and to elevate the impact point you have to rotate counter-clockwise.

Again, to move the impact point to the left side, you have to turn the adjustment clockwise and to move to the right you have to rotate counter-clockwise. Each click accounts for 0.5 MOA.

Final Words

It’s imperative to know how to adjust the elevation and the windage for maintaining accuracy. You cannot just mount a sight and expect it to do everything for you. Some natural things create obstruction no matter how accurate the machinery is.

So, if you’re concerned about your aiming, know how to set your Sig Sauer Romeo 5.