How to Use Air Cooler In Room

How to Use Air Cooler In Room?

In many countries, the summer will be rough. In recent years global warming is high. So the temperature can go up to 45-degree Celsius. In recent years many people use air coolers to fight the summer warmth. Don’t you like swipe your forehead frequently? It is possible to by purchasing the products. It gives more freshness and enthusiasm. The air cooler comes under the category of mini Air cooler. It is small and handy and it can be switched to a new location with just one movement. It is not only goes cooling the Atmosphere also does filter dust from the air. Later the cleaning process spread cooling air into the room.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work

Air cooler is sucking the surface’s heat and making a cold atmosphere. It works by evaporation of water. In this case, it evaporates water by get rid of the surface’s warmth. Air cooler has a simple principle of reducing heat by pumping cool air in the atmosphere. It has a fan that sucks warming air from the atmosphere which passes through pads installed sidewall. It sucks surface heat and providing the greater chilling effectiveness.


Nowadays air cooler comes with a battery. So do not worry about the location and extension cable. You can position it as per your requirements. One of the most positive features is the use of a rechargeable battery instead of cable. So it prevents tripping hazards the benefit of the air cooler is the low purchase cost, maximum portability, low electric usage and it has no more gas. These cooler can be in pleasant natural ventilation.

How To Improve The Performance Of Air Cooler?

To get maximum performance from the air cooler we suggest you fulfill the instructions. Make sure Adequate ventilation. A soft airflow plays a vital role in chilling the air. The air cooler not working as an air conditioner. It is working on good natural ventilation So ensures the proper ventilation into the room. It works by evaporation of water. Another beneficial way is by positioning air cooler where the continuous airflow or in front of the window can achieve greater cooling effectiveness. At the same time, you don’t open all area because it may increase the room temperature, Next method of improving air cooler effective, by filling ice water into the air cooler. In our product, they provide a specific ice cube compartment. The air cooler spread more cooling air when you put ice cube.

Service And Maintenance

The first step is to check before using the air cooler in the summer. The next step is cleaning the water tank, cooling pads, and wipes with the help of a brush. Onetime in a month drained all water in the air cooler clean completely. Ensure the water level of air cooler because the low level of water may cause pump failures. Often change stale water. It may create odour into the room. Service the air cooler regularly with the help of a professional. They are doing a proper service. You can get more info here

Examine The Battery Capacity And Performance

Examine The Battery Capacity And Performance

Nowadays air cooler furnishes battery instead of the extension cable. You do not need to worry about the power cut. But you should be given more attention to the battery capacity. At regular intervals, you check battery capacity by tracking the battery performance.

Also, ensure to

  • Switch off unnecessary, are lights and other electronic products.
  • You should Shut down your computer when the work is over.
  • Keep the exhaust fan in the kitchen After cooking, it removes humidity from the room.
  • When the cooler is not in use, place it on a dry place out of direct sunlight. And keep it away from children.