How To Wash Silk Pillowcase

How To Wash Silk Pillowcase?

These days Silk pillowcases are used all over the world by all the homeowners. Make sure, you must watch the Silk pillowcase is very prudently or focus on the gentle washing of silk pillowcase for the best looking. Always you need to read the label before starting the washing. To watch the Silk pillowcase by hand or washing machine, you can use a gentle detergent. As well as, you need to focus on the cool setting of the washing machine while washing the silk pillowcase.

Go With User-Manual

Don’T Use Harsh Detergent

Begin by reading the label on the Silk pillowcase provides the appropriate details to watch the pillowcase. Moreover, it indicates the handwashing machine washing for the dryer after the washing. If the tag is not attached to the pillowcase then you can focus on the mentioned tips for the safe side.

Don’T Use Harsh Detergent

To treat all the stains on the pillowcase, you need to use a gentle detergent. Moreover, you can apply the stain remover on the stains only. For that, you need to choose a dirty area that requires stain remover. Make sure that you are using the stain remover appropriately to prevent the discoloration of the fabric.

Soak The Pillowcase

Then next, you need to fill up the bucket with warm or cold water as per choice. Now you can add the preferred detergent for the laundry. First of all, you need to check the label to ensure that the heart the detergent is safe for the washing of the silk pillowcase or not. Importantly, you need to use that gentle or natural-based detergent to wash the silk pillowcase.

Now you need to place the pillowcase at least for 5 minutes in the market. When you find all the stains are removed completely then you can put out or make sure it is not shrinking. To prevent the problem of shrinkage, you can use cold water.

Drain the water or soap mixture

Once the time is then you can train the soap for water from the bucket. Now you can hold the pillowcase to remove the liquid. Once it is removed completely then you should refill the bucket.

Refill bucket

At the present moment, you need to add white vinegar for several drops of fabric softener. Now you need to keep the pillowcase soak in the mixture of liquid at least for one minute.

  • Before use, make sure it is quite good for the fabric.
  • White vinegar removes the excess of soap or keeps the fabric soft.

Dry the pillowcase

Dry the pillowcase

At last, you need to dry the bliss silk pillowcase. Make sure that you are not using the whole dryer to dry the silk pillowcase. As well as you can letter pillowcase on the flat towel to dry. Make sure the towel is clean or it absorbs all the water of the pillowcase. Now you can be rolled the pillowcase on the towel when it starts drying. To do so, you can roll the pillowcase in a cylindrical shape.