How to Write a Great Blog and Increase Traffic

How to Write a Great Blog and Increase Traffic: Tips on Creating a High Quality Post to Increase Ad Revenue

Different people have different motives for writing a blog. Some do it to make money through advertising revenue; some post blogs as a means to increasing publicity; some simply write a blog to update friends and family on recent events. There are many factors that combine to create a good blog, and one that people will visit time and time again.

The Format and Layout of a Great Blog

The Format and Layout of a Great Blog

The first thing that viewers will see when visiting your blog is the layout, colour scheme, and fonts. If these clash or conflict, you run the risk of the reader navigating away without having even read a word.

  • Layout and Theme. Keep your blog template simple and free from unnecessary widgets where possible. Viewers will want to be able to clearly see the body text of your blog, as well as the title.
  • Title. Ensure that the title of your blog conveys quickly the general theme of the content. This will entice interested viewers to read further. If the blog title or name is ambiguous, viewers may be less likely to read on.
  • Colours. Avoid bright and conflicting colours that will offend or dissuade viewers from remaining on the page.
  • Animations. Avoid repetitive and annoying animations that will get on viewers’ nerves and see this here.
  • Adverts. Whilst advertising is the main source of revenue for a blogger looking to make money, resist the temptation to cram as many as possible onto the page. This will look unprofessional and detract from the content of your blog.

How to Write a Great Blog Post

The unique selling point of a blog is the content and theme of what is being written.

  • Market. Consider the market when writing a blog which you wish to stand out above others. Writing about a general theme will run the risk of your blog being passed by; instead, choose a niche and stick to it.
  • Content. Write posts that are interesting, informative and entertaining. This will make viewers want to return time and time again.
  • Length. Whilst blog post lengths vary dependant upon the theme of the blog, a good blog post should be between 300-700 words in length. Any more, and the viewer will become bored; any less, and the reader may not be entertained enough to return.
  • Frequency. Update your blog regularly to keep it fresh and current.
  • Grammar and Spelling. Poor spelling and bad grammar will look unprofessional and dissuade a viewer from reading on. Always run a spell check before publishing blog posts.
How to Advertise Your Blog to Increase Revenue and Traffic for Free

How to Advertise Your Blog to Increase Revenue and Traffic for Free

It is a pointless exercise to write a perfect blog, yet have nobody to read it through poor advertising. However, advertising does not have to be expensive, or cost at all.

  • Keywords. Ensure that there are regular keywords within headers and blog posts to increase Search Engine Optimisation and allow people to find your blog when searching for a topic. Avoid overuse of keywords, which could result in an incoherent post.
  • Quality. Word of Mouth should not be underestimated when attempting to advertise a blog. Readers who are impressed with the quality and nature of your blog will be inclined to share the link with their friends, increasing publicity as they do so.
  • Allow Subscribers. Many blogs feature a widget which allows viewers to subscribe to your blog if they wish, so that they are informed of updates. This will guarantee readership.
  • Respond to Comments. Whether positive or negative, always respond to comments to increase loyalty and show that you are a real person!
  • Advertise on Forums. Subscribe and become an active member of as many forums as possible. Many allow the use of a signature, which you can use to advertise your blog.
  • Comment on Other Blogs. Visit and comment on as many other blogs in the same niche as possible, to increase publicity and readership.
  • Use Social Media. Create a fan page on Facebook, or advertise your blog through Twitter to gain followers and increase traffic and publicity.
  • Get a Domain. Although not free, buying your own domain name is quite inexpensive and will allow search engines to find your site easier.

It is not an impossible task to gain publicity and traffic to your blog, which will in turn generate advertising revenue. Through great content, good advertising and a clear layout, a high quality blog can be created which will entice readers back time and again.