Is It Possible to Keep your Smartwatch Out of Reach of Hackers

Is It Possible to Keep your Smartwatch Out of Reach of Hackers

Smartwatch Hackers

With increase in cyber crimes many people are facing a lot of problem to keep their sensitive information out of reach of hackers. No device in the world is left from reach of hackers even the latest Smartwatches that are more vulnerable to them. To minimize the cyber attacks HP’s Fortify has performed testing on top 10 smartwatches and raised the alarm for its security features. They primarily include privacy concerns, basic data encryption and password protection. Read this great article to learn how to get rid of hackers if you are using a Smartwatch which can also be hacked as most of them run on Android and fall with same flaws.

Research is going on to find the root cause of this issue to help the users install some spyware on their device that is gift to the users. Below are few possibilities mentioned how the opportunistic hacker steal the information from your device.

Possibilities to save your smartwatch from hackers

Possibilities to save your smartwatch from hackers:

  1. Smartwatches are great handy device that are designed with full sensors that are easy to pinpoint when need to take action. In that way these watches collect some info which is useful to the hackers that destroys the sensors. Because once your smartwatch is hacked it betrays all the movements to call off the last person you contacted before the incident.
  2. Not only this they can hack your ATM pin, bank account details and few other sensitive information from the data collected in the smartwatch. So there is more risk when you are using your smartphone without any protection as they can guess your pins and passwords that match accurately to steal your money directly from your account. Hundreds of people have lost their sum in this way.
  3. The best possible way to save your smartwatch from the hands of hackers is keep your mobile phone secure, this will ultimately save your watch as well. That means watch is the main source of hackers to steal your data. If your phone is protected then watch is automatically safe and out of reach of hackers who then try to crack your phone to get the desired information. Stay benefited by reading this great article that can increase the security barriers of both the devices as they are fused inside one.
  4. All you need to do to keep your smartphone connection secure is update it with latest security features that are first line of defense. In that way you can keep all your worries at bay as the hacker can’t reach your smartphone. Stay away from malicious sites that are visible with host names to protect your device. Another great option is running antivirus software program on your device to protect your smartwatch information from the reach of hackers.
  5. When accessing your smartwatch to perform online transactions it is essential to slide your fingers randomly. In that way it will confuse the hacker to guess the right pin number and offers him worthless data. Always try to change the rhythm while hitting the keys on the keypad that confuses the reader to access your data or else remove the watch temporarily which is the main culprit behind getting hacked.


While this security flaw to keep the information or data in smartwatches hasn’t been taken into consideration it is still a scary thought which is disturbing the smartwatch users. Despite its advantages gaining popularity there are few users who are required to take necessary steps to keep their sensitive information safe, secure or else they might end in facing consequences they never had a chance to find.