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How Often Should you Change the Cat Litter Box?

Cats make awesome pets. Their presence makes the entire environment lively and it’s something every cat person boast about it. When you adopt a cat recently, then you must keep an on the best cat litter available. Yes, failing to get the litter box is paving a way for the cat to linger your entire home with strong ammonia smell which comes from stagnant urine and it is starting to clouding in the air you breathe. Your responsibility of taking care of your cat doesn’t end with getting a litter box but just commenced. It is mandatory to clean large cat litter box regularly else it starts to stink and even makes you sink. Cleaning and changing the box with regular interval of time is suggested to the cat adopters.

Cat’s litter box:

How Often Should you Change the Cat Litter Box

Cat’s litter box is extremely clean and it is one of the intelligent animals to include in our home. Practising it uses the litter box is no tough work. You can start practising it when it turns six weeks old. Changing the litter completely every week is suggested. If you fail so, the stagnant smell starts to spread over your entire house. Your cat will also start to spread its fences all over your house through its paws. Imagine everything he touches with feet starts to stink such as your bed, couch, chairs so and so. This is a dreadful imagination as well as a situation to face. This is why you need to consider changing the litter box regularly.

Sometimes cat adopters blame their cat as it is not using the litter box but all the places in the house. If the situation starts to prevail in your home, you need to give a thought about changing the litter box. Since the litter box starts to stink, your cat isn’t interested to use it anymore. This cue should be interpreted and the litter box should be cleaned or changed as soon as possible.

How often?

This is the major question spring up on cat owners. Yes, litter plays a significant role in your household. The absorbent material has the potential to soak up urine and hide faeces to a certain extent. It is mandatory to learn how often you should change it.

Once a week is often suggested. It is the best option to avoid your home to be clouded by stinking air and making you sick. In general, cleaning it is a three-step process.

Dump the one-week-old litter out of the box in a sealed plastic bag. Now dispose of it properly.

Scrub the box with liquid soap with a little bit of bleach. Unscented liquid soaps are generally suggested to cat owners. Use a small amount of bleach while scrubbing it and now rinse it with lukewarm water.

When the litter box dries, fill it with clean litter. Filling the box to its rim isn’t necessary anymore. Litter box with 2 inches of litter is enough for your pets.

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