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Complete Sable Hunting Guide

Do you love adventurous trip? If you want to make your next trip adventurous then a sable hunting tour is a perfect option for you. Sable antelopes are known as one of the most impressive and largest animals in Africa. The horns of sable are generally longer than any other antelope in Africa and look beautiful as their horns can grow to be over five feet long.

These bulls are very territorial and protective of their herds and can become dangerous sometimes. So, whenever you go for sable hunting then you need to keep safety in your mind and make sure to take the right tools and equipment for sable hunting. People who are going for sable hunting then they need to have some skills that are mentioned here:


Whenever you are hunting a sable antelope, it is essential for you to ensure that your first shot is a killing shot. As you know, sable is a dangerous animal and a single mistake can become dangerous for you because they know how to charge a hunter with their long and sharp horns. So, it is important for you to make your first shot accurate.


Sable hunting is exciting for people and some time, hunters find it difficult to be patient for some time for their first shot. In this situation, rushing a shot can be dangerous for hunters as the wounded sable can be harmful to you. so, you need to wait for the right time to make a good short that can kill the sable at once.

sable hunting guide


The sable antelope found in herds and there are lots of other animals you can found that can become dangerous for you. In order to get the right shot, slipping up close to the sable take stealth and you need to be very careful with the shot.

For sable hunting, you need to choose the right weapon that is capable of shooting accurately and with which you are comfortable using so that it increases the chances of a good shot.

Why choose sable hunt?

The sable antelope freely roam in the grassland of Africa and one can easily find them across the state of Taxes. In addition to this, hunting sable also allows you to enjoy the thrill of the Africa safari and able to make your vacations amazing. There is no restriction of sable hunting in the Lone Star State of Africa and you can hunt the sable antelope and get these amazing trophies any time.

So, with the help of this sable hunting guide, it becomes easy for you to hunt these animals and make your trip more exciting and adventurous. But you need to take several things into consideration and make sure to choose the right gun and shooting equipment for an accurate and good shot that kills the sable in one try. If you are going to the Africa trip and want to make your trip adventurous then sable hunting is the right to plan for you to make your trip amazing and adventurous.