Secret Neighbor Mobile

All Basic Things About the Secret Neighbor

These days, people play different kinds of online games to spend quality time and have fun. As a player, you should always pick some trending and fascinating games. Among the top games, the secret neighbor has become one of the best action games that you can play at the game is developed by dynamic pixels Hologryph. Besides, you need to know that this game is available for the Microsoft Windows and Xbox One platforms. TinyBuild Games publish the game.

Introduction to the game

First of all, you need to keep in mind that the secret neighbor is a social horror multiplayer game. In this game, a group of intruders will try to rescue their friends from the creepy basements of the neighbors. A group of players snakes into their creepy neighbor’s basement. One of them is a neighbor in disguise. This are the basic things you need to know about Secret Neighbor Mobile right now.

Multiplayer survival horror game

Multiplayer survival horror game

As mentioned earlier, you need to know that the secret neighbor is a multiplayer survival horror game. The players have to deal with Hello Neighbor throughout the game. Explore the house with friends and team. You should always keep in mind that you have to work together to exploring the house and searching floor by floor.

In this game, you and your friends have to find what is secret in the neighbor’s home. This particular game jobs a team of six youthful investigators to find just what’s hiding in the locked underground room of the unexplained and threatening neighbor.

Search the keys to unlock the locked basement

By searching the keys on every floor, you will have to unlock the locked basement. The players and Groups who will quickly search the keys for unlocking the basement will be able to get the victories.

Uncover the dark secrets

Once you successfully collect the required unlock key is to unlock the locked basements, you will have to uncover the dark secrets that are sealed. In this same situation, you will make use of every floor to find the keys. Now, this can be a vital concept you need to know about Secret Neighbor Mobile without any kind of doubt.

One of your team players is the neighbor in the mask

Everything might look easy about playing this game when you read the mentioned above details. However, the players have to be a little bit more careful because one of their teammates can be e the neighbor in a mask. One of your team is not what they are trying to be or not to be. E one of the six kids are certainly the neighbor in the Mask.

You can be the neighbor in disguise

You can be the neighbor in disguise

Moreover, you need to keep in mind that you can be one of the team members who have worn the mask. You can make use of shapeshifting abilities.

What to do when you are a neighbor in disguise?

Many players would love to determine what they actually need to d you when one of them is a neighbor in mask. It is not difficult to be a neighbor in Mask but you need to determine some special strategies you will approach. Here are the strategies that you can follow:

Mislead the teams – first of all, you will have to mislead your team and do not allow them to find the keys on the different floors.

Separate the teams – one more idea to you play your role carefully and secretly is to separate the teams.

Capture the teams- finally, you need to capture the teams and ensure that they would not unlock the locked basement.

With a bit of luck, you may have collected a number of useful details about the secret neighbor game without any kind of doubt.