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How many Hours of fasting does it take to Start Burning Fat?

Humans’ history is more than thousands of years on this planet, but people of ancient times were fit, healthy, and had fewer diseases while they do not have any medical facilities.

One reason behind that is people of that time do not have as many opportunities to access foods like us. People feed them once in 24 hours, and little amount of food makes them able to be in a fast condition.

So there were no such problems like weight gain and health problems. Late after 1600, the habit of taking more food in a day started, and with more food availability, people begin to take meals 3 times a day.

People use many of the methods to keep them fit and for losing weight. The techniques such as taking less amount of food at proper hours do exercise and take much water.

But fasting is much fruitful than all others. Fasting is a tool to lose your weight since ancient times less you take food, less will be calories in your body.

Today, we will teach you, “how many hours of fasting does it take to start burning fat.”

Why Fast is better than other weight loss approaches?

Why Fast is better than other weight loss approaches

Many of the techniques used by people with their doctors and experts’ recommendations to maintain their fitness, but these are not much fruitful.

Balanced diet plans, taking enough amounts of water, and daily exercise are good things for your health, and these also work if you take meals at a time and sleep 8 hours a day, but success comes at a slow pace.

Compared with the other techniques, fasting provides better results and helps you lose bodyweight with quick results.

Fast works in a double way to reduce your body weight as compared to other methods. The first way is that while you are on fast, your calories will burn, benefit your health, and lose weight.

While in a second way, while fast, you do not take any food for many hours; your body starts to consume fats in your body. By this double action of the fast reaction on your body, you quickly overcome your weight gain problem rather than other methods.

How many hours fast need to burn fats?

The question here is that after how many hours the fats in your body starts to burn. For this, we have done in-depth research on the portals of doctors and experts.

In the end, we have found the conclusion by all that most of the experts are agreed that after 12 hours of fast, the fats in your body starts to burn.

So there is also a chance that this may vary if you have more glucose in your body but not more than a difference of 2 hours. So for better results, one needs to be fast for 16 to 18 hours a day.


We conclude our content by saying that with our research, we found that fast is the most appropriate method of losing weight and burning fats in your body.

After 12- 14 hours of fasting, fats start to burn in your body, so one needs to be fast between 16 to 18 hours for exceptional results.

We hope our article “how many hours of fasting does it takes to start burning fat” helps you maintain your fitness. Look at more info by visiting our website.