The Necessity of Removing Ear Wax From the Ear!

The Necessity of Removing Ear Wax From the Ear!

Ears are a sensitive apparatus in the human body. So, it’s important to keep your ears clean! Earwax protects against infection by trapping bacteria and other foreign objects from entering the ear canal, but if this wax becomes too thick or accumulates excessively it will block hearing and cause irritation. Wax removal kits like Tvidler make it easy to clean your ears at home and remove excess earwax quickly and painlessly.

What is Earwax?

Earwax is a natural substance that helps protect your ears against bacteria, fungus, and other substances. It provides a barrier between the ear canal and the outside world. Earwax is made of oil, sweat, skin cells, dead hair cells, dust particles from inside our homes or workplaces as well as fungi or yeast spores that are naturally found on our bodies. Earwax also contains some antibacterial components to help prevent infection in the ear canal. If not removed regularly it can harden into a yellowish-brown substance called ‘ear candle’ which can block hearing and cause irritation due to excessive wetness of the ear canal lining.

Why we should clean Earwax?

Earwax or also called Cerumen is a natural substance produced by special glands in our ear canal. Without earwax, our ears would be vulnerable to dust, dirt, and bacteria. But earwax can also build up inside your ears, which can affect your ability to hear clearly. You should clean your ears at least once a day with an earwax removal kit and you also can check Tvidler Review before buying any kitto remove earwax buildup.

What Are Symptoms Of Earwax Accumulation?

You may notice that your hearing isn’t as good as it used to be, or that the outside of your ears feels dirty and itchy. You may also find that there’s a frequent urge to clear your ears. All of these are signs that you might need to clean out your ears. You may also experience some discomfort or even pain in your ear because there is too much earwax buildup inside your ears.

What Are Types Of Earwax?

What Are Types Of Earwax

Ear wax may be more noticeable in your ears when you wake up because the wax has become softer and easier to dislodge while you’ve been sleeping. There are two types of Ear wax:

1. Dry Type Of Ear Wax:

Dry-type ear wax is pale yellow in color which is produced throughout the lifetime. Dry-type wax helps to block dirt and trapping it at the outer surface of the eardrum. It also prevents bugs from entering into ears through small holes in the eardrums. 

2. Waxy or Wet Type of Ear Wax:

The waxy or wet type of ear wax is clear and sticky in nature and usually accumulates inside the ear and deep down in the canal. Usually, it does not cause any problem but sometimes can block the eardrum if it is too much. Waxy-type wax helps to trap water which softens the skin of the outer ear canal and slows down the growth of bacteria.

How to Clean Earwax?

Cleaning your ears with cotton swabs can push the earwax deeper into the ear canal where it can cause more problems. The safest way to clean your ears is by using an earwax removal kit or ear drops that soften the wax and allow you to clean your ears safely. You should never try to remove the wax from your ear with a cotton swab or other sharp object.


Nowadays, people often use many different ways to clean their ears such as water sprayers, water picks, and others. In my opinion, you should use an earwax removal kit instead of a water pick because it is less risky! And it is very fast working! Besides, you can buy an earwax removal kit at your local pharmacy or even online.