What Are Cush Fins For Earbuds

What Are Cush Fins For Earbuds?

Cush Fin is a technology. And this technology allows a person who uses these earbuds to flexible fit. This will help the listener to hear the music clearly and submerge the background noises. That means these earbuds will block every background issues of the music and give the exact music. It will strongly stay in your ear and doesn’t leave your ear. But if you are in running or jogging then it will slip from your ear and you can’t control them into fall down otherwise it will stay in your ear while you listen in a stable place. You can buy these earbuds through any online shopping sites for the best quality. Check out the best online shopping site and place your order because of fake sites are sometimes make you fool for buying some fake products.

Cush Fin Technology To The Wired Earbuds

Cush Fin Technology To The Wired Earbuds

At first Cush Fin is the starting point for the wireless earbuds. It has a charging case within it and a USB charging cable. This Cush Fins are released on October 1st in the year of 2018. Staring its price was 49 US dollars. Its weight is 6g with a 50g case. The important thing is it’s a waterproof earbud. There are some advantages and disadvantages of using these earbuds. That is all given here. Positives are, it’s an IP55 waterproof earbud, you can connect it automatically, valuable, fit for your ear, and lower noise. negatives of these earbuds are given here. It’s bulk in size, you feel discomfort after using this earbud an hour, if any phone calls come then you can answer to the call only in the right bud. There are some ratings for these earbuds. People would give the sound quality rating as 6.9. The battery life rating is 7.1.

Earbuds And Its Accessories:

Earbuds And Its Accessories

These earbuds made for Athletes. Only the wireless listener makes use of these earbuds. There are many wireless earbuds in the market but this one is the best and quality earbud. If you use this earbud then you can’t hear any surrounding noise. Because it felt like you are isolated. If you want to purchase this then you should know about the accessories which will come within it. If you buy these buds then you will receive three ear tips and a charging case. With the charging case you will have one USB cable and the earbuds too. These earbuds are made of silicone. The huge disadvantage of using these earbuds is their quantity and size. It isn’t like any plastic earphones. Instead of it looks big so only many of the people doesn’t want to buy these earbuds. The battery life for this earbud is 4 hours only if you continuously use this. The connection range is between 10 meters. It’s price is three times up compared with other headphones. But it is more useful than other headphones because it has a separate quality of listening. If you want to know more about earbuds visit this website https://ventsmagazine.com/2020/03/28/jive-mini-pods-reviews-top-notch-earbuds/