Which is harder GRE or GMAT

Which is harder GRE or GMAT?

Prospective MBA students generally have to choose either GRE or GMAT scores so that they can apply for their business school. Both tests are accepted in several business schools but they are different on some criteria.

Which is harder GRE or GMAT?

When it comes to complete the GMAT and GRE exam, both exams come on the same level of difficulty. So, if you want to know which exam is harder then it totally depends on your comfort level that which one is right for you. You can also read more here about the GRE and GMAT scores to check your ability. So, if you want to know more about this topic then it is important to get proper knowledge about GRE and GMAT so that you can make your decision carefully.


harder GRE or GMAT

There is a significant difference in both the GMAT and GRE tests. In GRE, you will be tested with the uncommon and complex words that have less focus on the reasoning of the sentence formation. While on the other hand, the GMAT does not care too much about the vocabulary as you have to test your grammar and comprehensive skills. But it is very difficult for you to find which one is harder because it depends on the abilities of each student.

Mathematics or quant

The level of mathematics is different in both tests because GMAT is more to do with the numbers, derivatives, and equations while on the other hand, GRE is more for geometry centric. The data sufficiency part on the GMAT is generally harder and complex as comparison to the GRE. If you are not a mathematic student then it is beneficial for you to take GMAT other than GRE.


The GMAT is all about going to a business school so the writing in this test is also related to the economy and business. So, in GMAT, you have to write the analytical passage to give the solutions for any problem and issue. So, there is just one essay is needed to be written in GMAT while in GRE, there are two essays are required to be written. The GRE is accepted for several graduate programs other than MBA, so it does not give focus on analytical writing. In the GRE, there is more focus on the logic and literature of your thought process and you have to write in your own words. So, if you are good at expressing your thoughts and ideas in terms of writing then it is beneficial for you to choose GRE but if you want to analyze the argument around economics and finance then you can choose GMAT.

differences in the GMAT and GRE

So, these are some of the differences in the GMAT and GRE and it completely depends on your choice to choose the one best among them. If you are the one who has GRE scores and wants to convert them into the GMAT score to check your ability in the other exam then it is beneficial for you to get the help of conversion tool that offers you high level of accuracy and fast result. There are lots of GRE to GMAT conversion tools are available in the market and you can read more here to convert your scores in an effective manner.