How are Likes Listed on instagram

How are Likes Listed on instagram?

When you post something on a social network, for example, Facebook, people react to it. The reaction is recorded in a particular order. If you click on to find out who liked your posts, the order is listed according to a reacted first basis.

Whoever reacts first is always down to the lowest end of the list. And who reacted last is on the top. So, this means it’s a list generated according to the reaction time of a user.

Most social networks follow the same rule. The one who reacts first is the last name on the list f order, and the one who reacted last is at the top.

But on Instagram, the liked are listed in a very unconventional way. If you look closely and check notifications to see who liked first, then second, then third, and so on, after you open the list, you’ll see that the order on the list doesn’t match your ordered list.

This means Instagram does not follow the ordering system used by other social networks. They have their algorithm to show the list. Let’s get to know about this system a bit better.

How does Instagram list likes?

How does Instagram list likes

Check your recent posts to find out who has reacted on all of them. Keep those names in a list. Now, check the most recent post and see the list. You’ll see that those names are some of the top names on the likes list.

So, how does that work? What is the method used here to order the likes list? Unlike other social networks, Instagram focuses more on engagement. That means the algorithm works in a way that you will see those users with whom you interact the most. Here’s online software that generates likes –

Same goes for every single user. The Instagram algorithm generates data that collects what a user is liking and willing to see regularly and creates the feed accordingly.

This algorithm is so accurate that the likes are also displayed in a stalker basis. Stalker stands for those who search or see or interact with you via reacting to your posts or direct message you. This is just a theory, though. How Instagram listed likes has no specific method whatsoever. Even if it has, no one can be sure of how it works.

Automated likes

Automated likes

Now that no one can know who reacted to your post first or how it works, you can try and generate automated likes. These automated likes create an impression for your profile by showing how often people react to your content.

The likes dignify the quality or the value of the content. As people now can’t check who liked someone’s picture, it’s easy to generate likes through automation software.


How Instagram lists the likes of a photo is still a secret. The nearest assumption that anyone can make is that the algorithm works to display likes according to regular interaction.

It’s deemed as an assumption because sometimes the order doesn’t even follow this theory too. But in most cases, this is the most valid theory that anyone can come up with.