How to Make another Snapchat Account

How to Make another Snapchat Account

Snapchat is a great medial to connect with associates and build your image as regards a creator, a blogger, or a business person.

Sometimes we don’t like to share our personal space on a public platform. But it seems quite difficult to keep separate your closed one with the other group, for this, you might need to create another account. In this article, we will describe to you how to make another Snapchat account, which helps you to create another Snapchat account.

How to make another Snapchat account

another Snapchat Account

Snapchat, the famous social media allows you to share your photos and videos with others or direct messages or upload a story. To create a Snapchat account

• Firstly you will need to download the Snapchat apps
• Open the apps and tap “Sign Up” to make a new account
• Provide your and tap “Sign up & Accept.” Then enter your date of birth.
• Now create a Snapchat username wisely. Cause you can’t change the name later.
• Choose a highly secure password. We will recommend you making your password more than 8 characters.
• Verify your account with email or phone number for account security
• you can easily find your friend allow to access your contacts

With these easy steps, you can open your Snapchat account easily.

How to run two accounts on one phone

You can use multiple Snapchat accounts for business or personal purposes on one device without any hassle. Here we will discuss with you those various methods-

  1. Using parallel space
    App cloning is a way to have multiple accounts of any apps on the same device. Parallel space is the apps that create a clone of any apps as required to your need and provide you a second platform to work on.
  2. Using Snapchat++
    Some are quite familiar with using multiple Snapchat accounts on single device. Snapchat++ will provide you a platform to use a second Snapchat account on your phone. And you can log in to the first account while at the same time logging into the second one.
  3. Using TutuApp
    TutuApp is like Snapchat++, this is a way to use a second Snapchat account on your device. TutuApp is an app store within itself. You might find a few hacked up version of the actual apps which you are used on your device. Although there are more bonuses using this TutuApp, you will find more versions of tweaked Snapchat apps into this TutuApp. And you can download them according to your desire.

You need to keep your mind that those apps are since third-party developers. So, if you have any hesitation about using third-party developers, you can go with Parallel Space. In this way, you can get both an alternative from the app store and also third-party choices to acquire a second Snapchat account on one device.

Now, you know how to make another Snapchat account. I hope this will help you to make another account without any difficulties. However, if you want to buy snapchat account, visit website.