How do I Download a YouTube Playlist on my Computer

How do I Download a YouTube Playlist on my Computer?

To download music from YouTube to your computer for free, here provides you with the best YouTube music downloader’s, which are YouTube downloader and three online music downloader’s, SaveMP3, MP3hub and YouTubeMP3. This YouTube downloader is the best free YouTube music downloader. It is completely ad-free, user-friendly, and reliable. These features are very easy to understand and quickly download the playlist to your computer from the YouTube. With this downloader you can listen to YouTube music and watch YouTube music videos while you browse WebPages. If you find a song you like very much, you can download it promptly. At the same time, you can also convert videos to MP3, MP4, WEBM, and WAV, and also download YouTube subtitles.

This downloader can contain the following features, which are very simple to download the playlist. You can use it for free and with no ads, no worry about vulnerabilities. You can download music from YouTube with no limit. It can convert YouTube music videos to MP3 and so many formats. It can download YouTube music videos with subtitles. It allows you to browse the video content before downloading it. You can watch music videos while downloading them. It is a reliable and safe tool to help you to save your favorite music from YouTube.

Steps to download YouTube playlist to your computer

Steps to download YouTube playlist to your computer

There are a few simple steps to download the playlist to your computer. The first step is launching the YouTube downloader tool. To download and install the tool and launch this tool to get its main interface. The second step is to find the music you wish to download. You can enter the name of the music video in the search box. After entering the name of the music and click the search button to find the music you are looking for. Or you can sign in your YouTube account to go to your playlists and find the music you are searching for.

The third step is to download the music you like. Click on the music video and listen to the music. If it is the music you are looking for, tap on the download icon to start downloading YouTube music. The fourth step is choosing the audio format, which you want to convert it. Click on the box behind the format to find the audio format as needed. There audio formats available for you, MP3 and WAV. Select the most common audio format like MP3 format from the pop-up list. You can also click on the box behind subtitles to choose the subtitle language you like, if the video supports multiple language subtitles. This would be your choice, which language you want to hear you can decide and select your wish.

The fifth step is to download music videos from YouTube as an MP3 format. Choose the download option in the lower part of the screen. Then it will automatically download the music video in MP3. The sixth step is navigated to the downloaded music to your computer folder. Tap on navigate to file icon in the right panel. If you want to change the default download folder, go to the settings page and click on browse to change the path. You can also set maximum concurrent downloads on settings. If you have the URL of the music, you can download music from YouTube quickly.

Copy the URL of the music, click on the paste URL icon, it will automatically bring you to the download page. Then choose the audio format you like, click the download button. To know more information about the YouTube playlist download to computer, click here