How Much does it Cost for a lie Detector Test

How Much does it Cost for a lie Detector Test?

A lie detector is a psychological test for a person when they answer to the sequence of questions. This device will record the problems encountered while asking them a series of questions. It will measure the person’s blood pressure level, and pulse rate. One good thing about this is that the truth only comes from those who take it. It is a universal belief about this test. In many countries, this Lie detector test is used to identify the truth from the thief who involved in sensitive cases. Also they are using this test to find out the truth behind the new employees and their needs. But some scientists are suggesting that this test does not give an accurate result and it may be a fraud by the opposite side. So they asked that this is not the right way to get the truth from liars. The worldwide result for this test is no proof of effectiveness.

Cost for polygraph testing

Cost for polygraph testing

In India the cost for this test is 299 dollars. And this cost is for only standard test. There is another test that is a customized test and its cost is 399 dollars. So costs vary according to your choice. Because this test will be conducted by the professional people. So sometimes it costs 200 dollars to 2000 dollars. Pricing will be based on the time it takes. For example, if it takes two hours then the cost is typically 200 dollars to 800 dollars. According to the research the standard lie detector test result is 90 percent accurate. But the accuracy of the voice is low. If we use it for detecting theft, drug addicts, and some other reasons. Sometimes the tester will warn by the lie detector service provider for the cost can go higher. There is another lie detector. In this detecting test the tester didn’t have to go to the service center instead of they can test in their home itself.

A Lie Detector Test

And home lie detector costs 90 dollars to 700 dollars. But the accuracy level of the result and voice is not reliable. There is a voice stress test and it costs 89 dollars to 99 dollars. A single polygraph test takes two hours to complete. While doing this test, four or six sensors will be attached to the person’s body. This test is followed by the trial questions that are related to the actual questions. Some professional service centers will provide a discount on the issues. Sometimes the centers will announce unfixed discounts. When the partners doing this test, the cost is 50 dollars only. It is one type of offer. The cost for the husband’s lie detector test is 300 dollars. Cost for stealing lie detector test is 2oo dollars. The cost for the wrong or right lie detector test is 50 dollars. For trust issues costs 200 dollars. For family issues costs 300 dollars. For cheating issues costs 200 dollars. For lie detector 1200 dollars. There are many service providers in the world by detecting a lie. Click here to know more.