How to Change Grease Gun Cartridge?

These days, everybody wants to lubricate their motorized components precisely to boost the overall service life and reduce the maintenance costs.  However, it can be daunting to choose an effective greasing method from the number of options you have today. One such a magnificent method you have to oil your mechanical components is the use of a grease gun. Even if grease guns are so effective throughout the lubrication process, they are among the underrated tools.

Grease guns can instantly help to oil the specific points of your skull and mechanical components. When you use a grease gun, it is expected to have the highest accuracy. It can be said that grease guns assist in keeping your machinery and equipment maintained.

However, changing the cartridge of your grease gun can be a complicated process. When you have a grease gun that you are using for years, you have to change its cartridge time on time. This is why you can continuereading at our site to know how you can change the grease gun cartridge:

Amazing Tips to Change the Grease Gun Cartridge

Amazing Tips to Change the Grease Gun Cartridge

Changing the grease gun cartridge can be an overwhelming process, especially if you are a beginner. It takes years of experience when you see experts doing this work without any certain problem. To change the grease gun cartridge in an effortless way, you can follow the below-listed instructions carefully:

Twist the Body of Your Grease Gun

The first and foremost step is to twist the body of your grease gun to separate the head of the grease gun and the cartridge.

Remove Head Of Grease Gun

After twisting the body of your grease gun, you can remove the head of the grease gun. Make sure you will keep the head of your grease gun away as it will not be used for a short time.

Pull the Back String to Pop Out Cartridge

If you notice on the back-end of your grease gun, there is a string attached to it.  In order to pop out the cartridge of grease gun, you have to pull the string back. You should continue reading at our site to complete this work.

Remove The Cartridge By Using Papers

Take papers in your hands file removing the cartridge after popping it out. Papers are necessary used to avoid the waste you can find on your hands. Before moving to the next step, you have to pull the back-end strip of your grease gun completely to make space for new cartridge.

Take Off the Cap Of New Grease Cartridge

Take Off the Cap Of New Grease Cartridge

If you are all set to install the new cartridge, make sure you have removed the cap of your new grease cartridge. Now, you can install the cartridge to your grease gun. Ensure to install the new cartridge bye one of its end that does not have a cap.

Remove the metal cap of new cartridge after fitting it into the gun.  Refit the head you have separated earlier. Finally, you have to twist back the body of your grease gun to start using it again.