How To Cleanse Crystal Bracelet

How to Cleanse Crystal Bracelet

Most of the peoples are love to use crystals because they believe that are used to improve the energy level, give positive vibration, and give the natural feel out into the surrounding. Crystals are attracting most of the people to buy it and make the use of this. The crystals are used to neglect the negative vibration and attract the positive vibration, to give you a better feel. Most of the peoples are using these crystals to expose the energies.

How to Cleanse the Bracelet Using Water

Mostly we are using the water to clean anything which is our daily use, rare use because this will be used to neutralize the negative energy, which is stored in the different kinds of things. Likewise, we will also use the water to cleanse crystal bracelet. If you are using the bracelet daily it may have much mud or dust that will stay on your bracelet. It may contain daily use, weekly use, or monthly use you should cleanse the crystal bracelet at least six months once, because it may have any bacteria or viruses on the bracelet while you go outside if anyone uses your bracelet. To protect yourself from these kinds of problems you should cleanse the bracelet, to make sure you are protected.

How to Cleanse the Bracelet Using Water?

Water is the most widely used cleansing thing for all the products, and daily accessories, so that we choose water to cleanse the bracelet to kill the bacteria and viruses or clean the dust and mud. Now we will discuss the easy and simple step to cleanse the bracelet. Water is called as purifiers, because this is mostly used for drinking and cleanses the products. While you drink the water it will purify your body, while you use the water to clean the vassals this will helps to neglect the bacteria’s, and unwanted things in it.

Water is also called as a neutralizer, because this will be used to neutralize the negative energy, which is store inside the things like crystals, stones, etc. To cleanse the bracelets, you just rinse your bracelets naturally running water under the faucet. It may be any water like saltwater, river water, or anything, once you clean it with the water you can make sure your crystal will be completely cleaned.

There is nothing to worry about the bacteria’s and viruses or anything. You should rinse your bracelet under the water with 1 minute, which is 60 seconds per crystal or stone. These stones are soft and lightweight so doesn’t use any hard works on it, it may cause to break the stones or make cracks on your crystal.

We can also use salt water to cleanse your bracelet because the salts can absorb the unwanted energy or negative energy so that you can use the salt water to cleanse your crystal bracelets. If you are near to the ocean you can collect a bowl of fresh saltwater and rinse your bracelet well. You should cleanse your bracelet for 1 hour to rinse with the saltwater. You can use this for your hard stones, don’t use this for soft stones and trace metals.

How To Cleanse The Bracelet Using Brown Rice?

How To Cleanse The Bracelet Using Brown Rice

The brown rice will also be used to neglect the negativity or negative energy out. This will be beneficial for protecting you and your stones from the negative energy and so on. To cleanse it well take a bowl of brown rice and cleanse your crystal. After cleanse your crystal bracelet, immediately dispose of the brown rice because the brown rice will absorb the energy you should eradicate. Also, you can see different varieties of crystal bracelets with the price here