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What Does a Medical Face Mask Filter out?

COVID-19 has created a shortage of surgical face masks, something that our beautiful Lovely Earth has not seen before. The face mask is used to prevent you from the virus and saliva of another person, because that may affect by any virus fever. While we making some for our family and friends, we can all band together to share our skills and lend a hand to others in this tragic time of need. While these face masks are not technically medical grade, they may help in the prevention of spreading any particles when you or someone else sneezes. The mask may be used in cases of, colds, the flu, or other airborne illnesses. Check with your local doctor’s surgeries, hospitals, nursing homes, or anywhere where they may be helpful, as your beautiful masks could be really helpful for others who may not be able to sew.

How do you clean the homemade surgical face mask?

How do you clean the homemade surgical face mask

According to the CDC which stands for the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, washing with your normal detergent with manufacturer instructions is sufficient. There you can see plenty of uses of the medical face mask and the reason for using the face mask. You can use a half a cup of plain vinegar in my rinse cycle as well and the warmest possible water settings wherever possible. All face masks should be washed before use and cleaned again after becoming damps or moist. The detergent and water alone are very effective against the virus. You can also use sanitizer to kill the viruses or fight against the viruses. If you are looking for more information about treating yourself, family, or friends, seek advice from your medical professionals and keep an eye on the centre for disease control and prevention website for updates.

What are the layers that will be available in the medical face mask?

This mask is made of two layers of cotton and can be fastened with elastic or ribbon and tied around your head. After wearing it around for a bit, it is surprisingly breathable. Instead of recommending fabric to you, I have linked to a couple of articles above. Please read and decide for yourself which fabric you feel is best to use. This mask pattern and tutorial has three variations. The first type of mask is a standard two-layer mask with elastic to fit around your ears. The second type of mask consists of ties to the mask so that it loops and ties around the head. The final variation mask will contain the shield or filter to filter out the air. You need fabric, pieces of flat elastic or ribbon, seven inches of metal wire, sixteen gauge wire, but would imagine that a straightened out paper clip would likely work in a pinch, and filter for the pocket option to make the better and comfortable mask. These are the important things to make the face mask with the filter. The filter is used to filtering the air; this will help to provide the purified air to breathe.