How to Connect Your Smartwatch to Wi-Fi

How to Connect Your Smartwatch to Wi-Fi

Many people would love to have the latest and greatest smartwatch. But, it’s hard to choose which one is right for you. There are a lot of brands out there Apple, Samsung, Motorola, LG and Koretrak Pro each with their own advantages. And then there’s the cost: some watches are hundreds or thousands of dollars! So how do you find the best watch for your needs?

Why are people drawn to smartwatches?

Why are people drawn to smartwatches

Smartwatches allow you to easily view and respond to text messages, email updates, social media notifications, and much more. Plus, you can control your music and even access apps right from your watch. But some watches do all this while still looking like a “real” watch. Others add an extra layer of bling that may not be suited for business meetings or evening dates. One thing to note is that most smartwatches require you to charge them at least once a day, and some even require charging twice a day. If you need a watch that will last all day without being charged, it might be best to get a regular men’s or women’s watch.

How do I connect my smartwatch to Wi-Fi?

How do I connect my smartwatch to Wi-Fi

Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular

You must have an existing iPhone plan with AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon in order for this feature to work on your Apple Watch . Once you have an active cellular data plan, go into the Apple Watch app on your phone and select “Cellular”. Make sure both are updated (your phone and your watch) and restart your Apple Watch by holding down the side button until you see the power off slider. Select that and allow it to update. After that, activate your cellular plan on your phone and wait a few minutes for the watch to sync with the updated data (this could take several minutes). Once this is done, go back into the cellular settings of your Apple Watch and select “Wi-Fi” instead of “Cellular”. Then use Wi-Fi on your phone to find networks and connect to one. This will work as long as you have service from AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon on both devices.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Not all Samsung smartwatches are created equal for connecting them to Wi-Fi. Some should allow you to easily connect your Rastreador de fitness directly to Wi-Fi, while others will not let you access the feature without downloading a third party app. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Gear watch can be connected directly by going into Settings -> Connections and then choosing “Wi-Fi”. This takes only a few minutes to do and very little effort.

Koretrak Pro smartwatch

This smartwatch can be connected to Wi-Fi by downloading the Koretrak Connect app. The download is free and straightforward, but it will require you to have an Android phone in an order for this to work. Once installed on both your watch and your phone, go into Settings -> Connectivity Options -> Wireless LAN Setup on your watch. Choose “WLAN” then “Wi-Fi”, which should take you to a list of currently available networks in your area (if there are any). Tap one of them and enter the password into the box below it before tapping connect.

Last Words

Connecting your smartwatch to Wi-Fi can be tricky, but these insights on how it’s done should help you get started. If these sounds intimidating and you want help to enact these principles, let us know.