The Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

The Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Green tea is a common beverage consumed around the world. It’s been used for medicinal in China since ancient times and some studies have shown that it has many health benefits, including weight loss. Green tea is made from leaves of the Camellia sonances plant; these leaves are steeped in hot water to produce a dark liquid that has a slightly sweet taste. Making green tea includes three basic steps: preparing the leaves, steeping them, and then straining them out after they’ve had enough time to infuse into the water. This article will explore how you can prepare green tea for weight loss by following some simple guidelines and tips on how long to steep your brew as well as what kind of cup and water temperature you should use.

Green Tea Preparation Tips

Green Tea Preparation Tips

You might not even realize it, but the temperature of your tea and cup can affect how much weight you lose when drinking green tea for a healthy diet. To prepare green tea for weight loss, you need to brew it without boiling or heating the liquid, because high temperatures destroy polyphenols compounds responsible for many of its health benefits. The typical steeping time for green tea is between 1-2 minutes; if you step longer than that, some natural caffeine will be released from the leaves into your drink.

The Benefits of Green Tea

The hotter your tea is steep; the more caffeine will be released into it. Water heated to 80°C and higher can make tea almost as potent as coffee, which contains around 120-150 mg of caffeine per cup (8 ounces). Green tea contains about 25 mg of caffeine per 8 ounce serving if you only steep it for 1 minute. The typical amount drops to between 3-4 mg if you brew green tea for 3 minutes, while brewing for 5 minutes or longer brings figure down to 2 mg per cup. For comparison’s sake, an average sized black coffee has about 95 mg of caffeine in it slightly less than brewed green tea but still enough to make you feel energized and refreshed. If you’re looking for a refreshing beverage with no caffeine, then iced green tea is a perfect choice, because it has only about 1 mg of caffeine per cup.

There are no hard and fast rules on how to steep green tea properly, but many experts recommend using 8 ounces of water and 1-2 teaspoons of loose leaf leaves or in bags as the amount needed to properly brew your favorite drink. Adding a bit of lemon juice can help bring out the natural flavor of your tea; some people also enjoy adding honey or mint leaves for an even better tasting brew.

Green Tea for Weight Loss

Apart from containing various compounds that can help fight cancer, green tea has been shown to have many other health benefits as well. Studies show that drinking green tea is good for your heart, too; namely by providing protection against cardiovascular diseases such as congestive heart failure and coronary artery disease. It can also be beneficial for diabetes patients who suffer from nerve damage and neuropathy because it helps protect nerves from dying off. Green tea has also been shown to reduce cholesterol levels, block the growth of some cancer cells, and improve memory and prevent cognitive impairment.

Green tea is also an ideal beverage for weight loss because it’s a natural stimulant that can help increase your metabolism and make you feel full for longer. Some studies have shown that drinking green tea extracts and its various polyphenols may inhibit adipogenesis, which means they can lower how much fat your body produces or stores in fat tissues, visit our website to learn more.


Green tea has many health benefits and is a great drink to consume. But what are the rules for preparing green tea for weight loss? It turns out that you should never boil your green tea because this will destroy the polyphenols, which are the compounds in green tea responsible for its many health benefits.