The Importance of Heart Healthy Eating Habits for Women

The Importance of Heart Healthy Eating Habits for Women

Who would have predicted that heart disease would be the number one killer among women? And who would have know that as early as age 45, men’s risk of heart disease increases dramatically? Sadly enough, heart disease has already begun to affect many of our children in early childhood. This disease has raised increased awareness in our every day lives in the hopes that we as individuals will not be victim to the disease in the future.

Heart Healthy Eating Habits

There are a number of lifestyle choices that contribute to having a healthy heart. Exercise and a nutritious diet are two very important factors that can improve the health of your heart. Because heart disease has been linked to diets high in fats found in meat, milk, cheese, and butter, it is important to eat less of these foods. People that have chosen variations of the Mediterranean diet as an alternative to their current eating habits, tend to use oils that are low in saturated fat such as olive oil. This oil contains monosaturated fat which has the ability to lower your LDL cholesterol levels in your blood, Check out for effective information now..

Another important component to a healthy dietary regimen is increased fiber in your diet. FIber can be separated into two categories as soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber can be found in foods such as beans, barley, oatmeal, and strawberries. Insoluble fiber can be found in foods like cereals and brown rice. Consumption of both types of fiber can help lower levels of blood cholesterol in individuals whose diets are low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Blueberries are an example of a fiber packed food. They are filled with vitamin C and contain anthocyanins which is a very powerful antioxidant. Blueberries can be found year round. Frozen or fresh, they can provide an extra boost or hearty healthy benefits to your diet.

heart disease that exists in my family

Because of the heart disease that exists in my family, I find it crucial to consume foods that carry the benefits that could delay the onset of heart disease. As a mother, I have realized that importance of building a foundation for good health. If we could create a lifestyle for our children that includes regular physical activity on a daily basis and a healthy balanced diet, we may be able to bring down the statistics of deaths in our childrens’ future. Many adults begin their heart healthy eating habits after the age of 40, however, imagine what the statistics would be if our children could start to live a heart healthy life at a very young age.