Wear Your Wig the Safe Way

Wear Your Wig the Safe Way

Do you have enough hair on your head or you are one of those unfortunates who do not have enough hair on their heads? Do you collect wigs? When my mother experienced hair loss years ago, I went to the beauty supply store with her and helped her pick out a stylish Halle Berry style wig. The Halle Berry wig attracted many compliments. Her coworkers simply assumed she got her hair cut. No one commented that her salt and pepper natural hair had become straight and dark brown. I was fascinated enough, to consider buying a few wigs myself, but at the time I didn’t know how to make my, bulky afro fit under a wig. Today I know how to braid cornrow bases that can make the biggest hair lie flat, and when I want a different look, I make my own custom wigs.

How to give your hair a rest?

How to give your hair a rest

Wigs are a perfect way to give your hair a rest from the stress of daily styling. In winter, your favorite wig can your hair from drying out and prevent breakage. Some women use wigs as a convenient protective style But if you don’t wear your wig correctly it can cause serious hairline breakage. Lace front wigs held in place with glue and other adhesives are thought to be the main culprit when it comes to hairline breakage. But wig combs, wig clips, elastic bands, and even insides of wig cap bases can rub or pull against your hair and cause just as much damage. When you rock your wigs, always keep your own hair hair health in mind, so your hair piece doesn’t work against you, see this here.

Which wig you use?

Which wig you use

You can find special under wig and weave conditioners in most beauty supply stores. But your regular leave in conditioner will get the job done. I like to apply or jojoba oil to my hair before I braid it up. And then every few days I apply a little oil to the braids, I take the braids out. Don’t be heavy handed with oil. An oil slick under your wig will block out moisture and clog your pores.

Some wig cap bases have rough edges and the friction can break off your hairline. Wear a stocking or net cap underneath your wig to protect your hair and hold it in place. You can also wrap your hair in a silk gauze scarf to keep your hair moist and protect it from breakage.