The Ultimate 20 Minute Fat Burning Home Workout

The Ultimate 20 Minute Fat Burning Home Workout

Many people complain that they do not have enough time to workout, and I understand that feeling, but here I am going to describe a routine that I have recently tried that not only makes me feel great, but also helps me to burn unwanted fat. This workout is great because you can do it in the comfort of your own home with out any tools or machines. All you need is a clock and twenty minutes.

Okay, remember to wear some comfortable cloths and have a water bottle handy. You will sweat, and you will be thirsty when you are doing this routine. If you don’t sweat you are not burning fat.

simple exercise

To start this routine you will do jumping jacks for 3 minutes. A jumping jack is a simple exercise that will bring your heart rate up so that you are burning fat. Starting this routine with jumping jacks makes sure that your heart rate will be at its best during the rest of the work out. To do a jumping jack stand with your hands at your sides and jump and spread your legs out while also lifting your arms out in a straight line from your shoulders. After you have done this for 3 minutes relax for 30 seconds. Remember to not relax more than that because your heart rate will relax as well, and we do not want that.

After you have done your jumping jack warm up you will continue by doing a series of 8 exercises for 30 seconds each, look at this site. Move from one exercise to the next without stopping. Here I will describe the exercises:

1. The first exercise is the knee lift. This exercise requires you to lay flat on the ground with your knees bent and your hands at your sides. Now pull your knees up to your chin. Remember to keep your hands on the ground and use your abs to pull you forward.

2. Leg lifts are the second exercise in this routine, and they are similar to the first because you start out in the same position except your legs are flat and you bring them straight up so that they are perpendicular to the floor.

3. Knee touches are next, and again you start out in the same position as the first exercise except you bring your hands, arms, and chest up and toward your knees.

4. Squats are done by standing with your hand on your hips and extending one foot forward and bending it at the knee so that your other knee is bent in a downward position. Alternate forward foots in this exercise.

5. Push ups are done by kneeling on the floor with your hands in front of you. Next push your feet back so that you are comfortable and use your arms to move your body up and down from the ground.

6. To do the hip thrust exercise you must lay on the ground with your knees bent. Now lift one foot up and point the toe at they ceiling. With your hands flat on the ground at your sides use your legs and stomach to thrust your hips upward and away from the ground.

These exercises should be done for 30 seconds each with no break in between. Since there are only 6 exercises listed you should do push ups and squats as your first 2 exercises; after that you can continue with the routine as listed.

hundred exercises per session

Remember to start slow; you do not have to do a hundred exercises per session. When I started I could barely do 10 half push ups. If you do this routine everyday it will get much easier, and you will be able to move onto something harder. If you find that you need to stop in between exercises that is okay, but don’t stop for more than 20 seconds because you want to keep your heart rate up.

I hope these exercises have helped you improve your physical condition and your mental condition, and I hope the next time you are feeling tired you do this workout instead of taking a nap because I guarantee it will wake you up and give you more energy than you would realize.