What Happens when you Uninstall Whatsapp

What Happens when you Uninstall Whatsapp?

We cannot ignore the importance of social media accounts and instant message apps. Many people use it for positive purposes, but some do not have its use except for wastage.

If you are a student or a person who gets bored and want to be relaxed, then uninstalling or deleting an instant message app such as WhatsApp is the best idea.

But it not means by uninstalling, we have entirely get rid of this app; read below and know what happens when you uninstall WhatsApp from your phone.

What is the difference between Whatsapp uninstall and delete?

What is the difference between Whatsapp uninstall and delete

Whatsapp uninstall means that you have just uninstalled the Whatsapp application from your account without making any changes.

While Whatsapp deleting means that you have to delete your account and delete all information, such as contacts, groups, and other data.

What happens when we uninstall WhatsApp from our phone?

What happens when we uninstall WhatsApp from our phone

On uninstalling the app from your phone, the following are the effects as given below.

  • If you are part of WhatsApp groups, there will be no effect by uninstalling the app on your phone. You will remain part of that WhatsApp group. All settings in the group, such as an admin or member, will remain part of the group.
  • The s
  • econd feature is last seen; if you do not hide your last seen status, your friends and contacts can view your last seen time with date even if you have uninstalled the app from the phone.
  • Your account detail and profile picture will remain visible for the people at home you allow or any of the privacy settings you have in your account before uninstalling the app.
  • No matter if you have uninstalled the app, your account will exist with WhatsApp, and people can also see, search, and send you text messages. All the messages will recall on reinstalling, and you will get notifications about these messages and calls, etc.
  • There will be no effect on your settings such as blocked numbers etc. They will remain blocked; there will be no effect on your privacy settings about your account.
  • Your account only removes from the WhatsApp list after deleting your account; on uninstalling the app, you will remain present in the list of WhatsApp. When any person saves your contact number, you will appear as a WhatsApp account holder in his WhatsApp contact list.

Is there any way to identify that someone has uninstalled Whatsapp?

There is no specific way to identify that your contact has uninstalled the account; you can just know when you do not see any activity by your connection for a long time.

Even someone blocked you, he will appear in your contact list, but your profile will not show you.

When contact does not show in your WhatsApp contact list, your connection has deleted your WhatsApp account. But there is no way to know about the uninstallation of WhatsApp.

Final Thoughts:

Sometimes we get bored and want to get rid of WhatsApp and uninstall WhatsApp. But with the uninstall of WhatsApp, we only get rid of and do not receive messages and notifications on our phones. We still part of all groups, contacts, and people can send text and see our account details.